Montego Slay

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Ah, once again… yes, yes… irie… here to rough up the track, man… you're with the People Under The Stairs, once again, man… flash it… rough… mush…

[Double K:]
We tackle rhymes like your life lays time
We trying to get enough, we gotta fill up
Before it's all gone, this song remains on
Until the beat stops, nevermind, no need to remind
You know who we be, yo, it's the capital Gs
Putting the P's in hip hop, saying hi to the hos
Who wear hardly any clothes, here's looking at you
Watching you watching me, the incredible MC
Chicks call me Mikey (why's that?), 'cause I like it
They stare when I'm digging it and know they want to try it
They like the way I rap, they like the way I chill
Couple hours in a conversation, show 'em how I thrill
I'm a one-minute man, I lick it, then split it
Empty it out, fill it in like the blank, and I'm out
Big Mike, that's right, give 'em something they can feel
Yo, I'm the top-ranked chief on the wheels of steel
I walk the streets of L.A. and feel comfortable
Me and the homie make music and ain't coming with bull
So next time you got a rhyme that's blazing hot, throw it away
People Under To Save the day

[Double K:] Sometimes it ain't time, sometimes it can't be
This time we kick back and let your conscience be free
The music is playing loud and we never have to leave
We never gotta leave, we never gotta leave…

[Double K, line #1:] Yeah… I ain't going nowhere! So what you going to do? ? Yo, yo-yo, and who're we? And let your conscience be free, that's right… Cooling out the house… Cooling out the house… Out the house… Bust 'em off… Fresh shit is backtalk… This shit is bomb…
[Double K, line #2:] Irie, irie… Yeah, man!… Yes, yes, star! We just cooling out right now. We cooling and fresh. Mash up the jam. We coming, bringing ?, man. Yes, yes… irie, irie… fresh… fresh…

[Thes One:]
Beautiful brown-skinned lady'll move something, Montego Bay-style
Smile from the Caribbean Isle, no fronting while we pumping a beat
Audio files to jumping like Guile out of their seat
With the complete vibe, scooters and 45s to palm trees
Red-striped nights to calm breeze, the type to relax
Ease back to conceive wax, then contact the origin, a habitat
Two cats making it fat, it's like that
With a rap similar to a pitter-patter of a cat
Walking a roof to make it back to the truth
(I dig crates) for the late-great existence of black plates
To booming the eights on the floor, making you want more
Leaving my mark like a dark mark on the wood floor
It's good for the soul like dinner with your moms
People Under The Stairs the duel to drop bombs
Snares laid back like armchairs at the beach
I'm out of reach, so play my CD and let it teach
The recipe: half B. Crocker, half David T. Walker
Fresh breath control like Binaca

([Thes One:] Ha ha, ha ha! (repeats))
[Double K:] Sometimes it ain't time, sometimes it can't be
This time we kick back and let the conscience be free
The music is playing loud and we never have to leave
We never gotta leave, we never gotta leave…
([Thes One:] People Under The Stairs is like…)

[Double K:] Yes, man… never gon' leave, man… stay right here…listening to the great tunes, cooling out… in here to rough up the track! Rough up the track! Have the People… yes, yes, to the People Under The Stairs… yes, yes… irie, irie… yes, you know it's good to be irie… to be right here, man… I'll catch up with you later, yeah, yeah…

[Spoken sample:] Ah! Ooh wow! Ah! Oh look! Wow! Ooh, that's a good one! Hey, this is cool!

[Sung sample:] They had a fire today in East L.A.
A hundred and ten got burned (Mmm?)
The governor said, "It's quite okay:
They're all on ([Spoken sample:] Musical dope!) anyway!"
Ha, yeah…

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