Mean Spirited

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] I get hyped, man, to rap… you know, because this is what I enjoy doing most, you know… I just sit down and rap, because if I had nothing, you know…

[Thes One:]
Something in the air tonight, my last pint
Tip the fitted down, eyes dark, Ellis in the night
Hit it, Run? Nope. Sorry, no hitter…
Shit's off the hook like scared babysitter
Straight John Ritter computer, my brain's slippery
White dude in fog, the Unsolved Mystery
So why the hell's he so weird? Rap's Blackbeard
Used to collect the canna while walking tall with beer
Operation, head basketcase, my rap based
Similar to "just another case", LONS
Double and Thes, Maceo and Fred Wes, yes
One of the best, legitimately test all bitches
I hit the off switches, I put your best wishes
In a pot to piss in, but y'all don't listen
So I'mma keep writing like Langehorn Clemens
Half iced tea, half whole lotta lemons
Thes and Arnold Palmer, green bomber, we the Masters
And karma in disaster, complicating the matter at hand
Our work is classified as "underground"
The building's falling down, the foundation is sound

[Double K:]
We gonna take you to the number one Bimini Road
Where life gets cold, we never get old
See, if you're ready, just count to one
When you hear that blast, let your mind run
Ram in the head, remember what I said
A thousand weird chemicals arousing, I'm Robert Townsend
Shufflin' Hollywood, man, that Maui good
The fungus amongst us, and my train wreck's redundant
California style got a man living wild
Three times strike, and your mental I hike to new heights
Drop you off in a basement with blue lights
Feel the wave… the same way Jesus saves
Annointed and appointed, providing shock waves
Rumbling the city, turn it into a rave
Or crumbling the city, snap out and behave
I'm rumbling the city, turn it into a rave (echoes)

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