Lord Radio & Hale Bop

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Shit… Check, man… God damn, dude… Yeah… Hale Bop… Lord Radio… Hale Bop… like this…

[Double K:]
Ay-yo, Thes, cuts nowadays is like getting a wack blowjob
These so-called MCs is only out for the jeep
Just 'cause their shit done lacked the dopeness
That's running through the A-M-P, yo
These sucka niggas never try and test me
'Cause they know about the crew and the skills we possess
Trying to battle's like getting twenty-one thousand, three hundred
And ten bullets to the chest
You walk away from that, we'll put you on the set
But it ain't, so for now, I shed a drink and drinking Moet
And blowing nothing, but the bomb-ass Chron
You ain't a dime, more like a pawn on the front line
Your time's up, give your rhymes up, before that ass get tied up
In the UDC truck, stuck like a handicapped hiker
On a mission for a sack in a wheelchair on D's
Next time, put a smile on your face, you end it off with "please"
I might let you bounce, you would say that you a rookie
And you ain't old enough to do the Underwater Boogie
Still doggy-paddling, ain't rapping worth a goddamn
With singing and busting, to me, it ain't enough cussing
I like it hard, loud, something you can't play around the house
So Thes, grab the mic and turn the motherfucker out
Yeah… Hale Bop… Lord Radio, show 'em what's up!

[Thes One:]
Heard around the world like the shot that's fired
Skills desired from Thes, expire all essence before three come A.D.
You see one MC like me that's academically bred (Oh yeah?)
Tracks to rip or tear, sloppily pegged (Oh yeah…)
Get some stairs together, Weather Report to Monty Alexander
Smash on the track like Ned Flanders
Thes stole the track one, his track two is his scratch
But here's the catch, no bass patch
Latch loops together like a musical smith
Your beats are corny like my shit on July 5th morning
It's just a warning, 'cause I barbeque kids
My freestyles are nutritious, I get Vicious like Sid
(Let's settle this like WWF) No ref!
I invoke the Boston Crab and leave Dover to Thes
Yo, am I right?… tonight… and Lord Radio is out…
'Cause we rocked the show…

([Thes One:] Ooh-ooh, Lord Radio and Hale Bop… do the Wop on your mother!)

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