Live At The Fishbucket (Pt. 2)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Time to do it! Yo…
[Rap sample:] Funky fresh, dressed to impressed, ready to party
[Double K:] Alright…
[Rap sample:] Funky fresh, dressed to impressed, ready to party
[Double K:] Get bid

[Double K:]
Yo! This for everybody over 40 and shit
Crack a bottle of wine, let's all feel legit
Like Bartles and James, yo, we cooling out
Front-porch-style bugging, left my blunt at the house
Now, I'm asking around to see who got some skins
Old boy hooked it up, now watch the party begin
And I ain't 'til eating my niggas leave
Came strapped with a Trojan and a trick up my sleeve
But that seems not needed, these hos is conceited
One asked what I was driving, I told the bitch, "Beat it!"
Catch you smoking and bagging, fools is throwing jacks
Freestyling, 'cause hey, we buckwiling
Like real niggas do, and all preppy niggas don't
Step in the way, boy, you're bound to get broke off
Like the DJ spinning these cuts
Somebody throw him off and kick his butt
Throw on some Fatback for the shit right here
Little bit of Biz Markie make everything clear
'Cause you know this is something for the radio
Catch vapors when you try to play me on the flow
I'm 33 r.p.m. on your technique cords
I bust rhymes and parlay for a sport, man
I'm kinda blowed, wanna let you know
Thes One's 'bout to get on the mic and let's go
But first, let me take a big hit of the gin
Give it back, thanks, man, let me hit it again
Pass it to the homie, what's this? A banks-finder
Cap-piller, peel it off, homie, go off, a-go off, yo…

([Rap sample:] Funky fresh, dressed to impressed, ready to party)

[Thes One:]
Ate your chicken-fried soul, Watergate, stone-cold joint
Bold style, polyester hat, finger point
Big smile, suede-collar style, bottom-dollar bet
Wild afro, that internet P rocking your set ([James Brown sample:] Hey!)
You can feel the vibe when we arrive
Hit the corner, post up, low-looking on some jives
Double-dapped, 40 cap twist, tap bottle toast
Double K rolled a fat spliff, pass it to the host
([Double K:] Hey-hey, hey, hey, man, cool out!)
Your neighbors like banging on the doors
While we chilling with ladies like Viva and Latimore
Chuck Carbo and Eddie Bo, James and Bobby Byrd
I hit the K Beer all night, that's my word
([Double K:] Say, man, you know what I heard?)
The DJ's wack, Double K, dig in the sack, take these kids back
To '73, an LP heavyweight to be on
I dance in the corner, soul stance like Leon
Brown-skinned baby, come here, let's do the hoedown
One finger in the air, one pointed at the ground
Then smile, I wanna see feet shuffle the tile
Do the Running Man 'til you run a whole mile
Then stop, take a sip, dip your hip
The wine tastes fine girl, smack your lips
A-cold kiss me, a-cold kiss me, make Lex's dad get the Frisbee
Black socks ready to rock the block party good
Make your grandma knock on wood, we rocking like you should, y'all

([Rap sample:] … ready to party)

[Sung sample:] Get on up! (repeated and scratched)
[Double K:]
Yo, L.A.! Uh, New York! Yo, Shocktown! Yo, and San Fran! Yo, Philadelphia! Yo, and Houston! Yo, Detroit! Yo, and Cleveland! Yo, Hot'lanta! Yo, Miami! Yo, New Orleans! Uhhh!

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