Live At The Fishbucket (Pt. 1) (Live At Glastonbury)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[JazMak and Thes One:] ..get down
The People Under the Stairs are in your town
C'mon, y'all, get live, get down
The People Under the Stairs are in your town
C'mon, y'all, c'mon, y'all, c'mon, y'all
C'mon, y'all, c'mon, y'all, c'mon, y'all

[JazMak:] Yeah…
[Thes One:] Hey, y'all feeling it? Make some noise!… That's just a warm-up right there, that's called stretching… now that we stretched out, we ready to work out…
[JazMak:] Woo… Alright, everybody, just get, you know, just get stretched out, get ready, get loose
[Thes One:] So, on that note, People Under The Stairs is three people… Double K… you ready?

[JazMak:] Yo… yo, yo, y'all… check it out, c'mon, so
[Thes One:] Glastonbury
[JazMak:] Check it out, y'all, Glastonbury, Check it out, y'all

[JazMak and Thes One:] Yo, c'mon, everybody
[Thes One:] Just gather 'round
[JazMak and Thes One:] The People Under The Stairs
[Thes One:] We got a brand new sound, yo
[All:] C'mon, everybody
[Thes One:] Just gather 'round
[All:] The People Under The Stairs
Got the brand new sound
Uh, rock rock, y'all, you don't stop y'all
I said-a get your back off the wall, y'all
Don't stop, y'all, cheeba cheeba, y'all
[Thes One:] I said-a get your back off the wall… hey, Double K!

[Double K, backed up by Thes One and JazMak:]
Check this shit out… ay-yo… ay-yo…
Going wack-ass shine like a dreads
Wear hella pearls, gather black silk, proceed to rock grills
Like Sheneneh (Who that, y'all?)
Man, it's KK, straight from West L.A., pro-black like KDAY (What?)
The Crescent Heights B-Boy, known for the destroy
Up for the down stroke, loc, don't provoke
You's a joke, and I'm laughing like, "Ha ha ha ha!"
And when your song comes on, I'm like, "Ha ha ha ha!"
These niggas need to step back like, "Excuse me, miss."
And that dude who made your beats is going on my shitlist
For faking, perpetrating, like nobody don't know
But I inspect like the rebel… Thes, turn up the treble

[All:] One two, y'all, you don't stop, y'all
Said-a get your back off the wall, y'all
And don't stop, y'all, uh, cheeba cheeba, y'all
I said-a get your back of the wall
[Double K:] Ay-yo, Thes, what's up?

[Thes One, backed up by Double K and JazMak:]
Ay-yo, everyone's an MC (Fool, I know that!)
Ay-yo, I just do my best to make my shit fat
Like digging in the crates every day of the month
Step back when I pull out my wax, blow dust
Track so fresh heads can feel what we bring
Gets all up in your head, in your spot like nicotine
Referee teens to life, jerrily
We like to hip-hop on the mic, but not tonight, aight?
So, if you all came to fight, you need to take it outside
While I'm on the topic, yo, I'd like to say brown pride
And if I have to hoo-ride on the mic, then I'll do ya
MCs get N-O hot oh, yo, like to ya
And so on and so forth, here, crack a beer
I'm already on my fourth, and I'm going for more
To all y'all on the floor, get away from the door
I got a couple gifts for you that I bought at the store

[Double K:] Hey, what you bring with you tonight, homeboy?
[Thes One:] I ain't got nothing!
[Double K:] Well then, fuck it! Just tell me what you're not!

[Thes One, backed up by Double K and JazMak:]
I'm not a major-label MC with a big gold chain
I'm not scientifical, fronting like I got brains
I'm not a drug dealer, a movie actor
Or a new-jack ofay with a rich benefactor
[All vocalize "uh" and "oh"]

[Thes One:] Glastonbury!
[JazMak:] Glastonbu… Hey, how many of y'all are high out there? Tripping and shit today? I know y'all know when I'm in that…
[Thes One:] Ay-yo, hold up, don't drop that shit yet… I know there's gotta be at least one person in here who bought our old album…
[JazMak:] That's enough for me…
[Thes One:] Alright, hold up, and what was your favorite song on that shit?
[Crowd member:] San Francisco Knights!
[Thes One:] Drop that shit!!… And I want everyone to sing along whether you know the words or not, it's real easy
[JazMak:] You'll learn 'em… you'll learn 'em real quick…

[Thes One:] It goes..
[Double K:] Uh, y'all! It goes, uh, put your hands up! Uh, y'all. Yo, put your motherfucking hands up!
[All:] Uh!
[Double K:] Yo, put your motherfucking hands up!
[JazMak:] Uh!
[Thes One:] Time to si-
[Double K:] Sing it along with 'em!
[All:] On a warm San Francisco night…
[Double K:] Yo, check it! We rocking shows for you and your crew
[All:] On a warm San Francisco night…
[Double K:] Ay-yo, we rolling blunts and doing the do
[All:] On a warm San Francisco night…
[Double K:] Yo… the P, we in the house
Check it out, we coming through!
[All:] On a warm San Francisco night…
[Double K:] Hey, my nigga Thes, why don't you tell 'em what's up, homeboy? What was that? What was that? On a what what?
[Thes One:] Night… Lord Radio and Hale Bop…

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