Letter To The Old School

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Rap sample (for intro):]
[MC #1:] …you understand
[MC #2:] And we can turn out any party with the mic in our hand
[MC #1:] Because we got it like that, and you do it like this
[MC #2:] Our names are on top of the MC list
[MC #1:] I say, we advertise to mezmorize
[MC #2:] And we specialize to antagonize
[MC #1:] And we're qualified to neutralize
[MC #2:] We make other MCs apologize
[MC #1:] We got the personality to rock the young ladies
[MC #2:] The authority to rock you to your knees
[MC #1:] The diversity only you can see
We could get you to know the identity
Of the funky MC with the capability
We the ?
…Style and finesse…
To rock on and on and on and on and on and on!
Just dig your dive and ?

[Double K:] Huh, listen to these guys, man… damn!
[Phone rings]
[Double K:] Aw, man! On a Old School break… Hello?
[Thes One:] Mike…
[Double K:] Yo, what's up?
[Thes One:] Yo, what's up, man? Hey, let's go out… c'mon…
[Double K:] Ah…
[Thes One:] There's a show tonight, man. Some hip-hop shit or some shit, I don't even know.
[Double K:] Yo, man. I'm not trying to go out, man… I'm writing a letter to the Old School tonight, man.
[Thes One:] The hell are you talking about, man?
[Double K:] Yo, I'm writing a letter to the Old School, man. They be shocking and rocking the house, man. I need-
[Thes One:] What you talking 'bout, man… you high, huh?
[Double K:] Nah, man… I need to find out what happened, man.
[Thes One:] Alright, man. You're missing out. Threre's gonna be some underground hip-hop, guitar loops and jazz and stuff…
[Double K:] Yo, man, when I'm done writing this letter, I'm gonna let you hear it, man…
[Thes One:] Alright, man…
[Double K:] Alright…
[Thes One:] Peace.

[Double K:] Ay-yo, Thes, check this out, man. Pump me up… I got this letter I wrote to the Old School… I need to break it down… with some wisdom…
[Sung sample:] We wanna…

[Double K:]
Dear Busy Bee, Rodney C, and GMC
Sha-Rock, Tony Tone, Debbie Dee and Lisa Lee
Pass this to your friends, Melle Mel and Kool Moe
Whipper Whip, Kevie Kev,, and my nigga, Scorpio
I'm writing this letter in hopes of getting better
I been rocking on the mic, looking to the trendsetters
Like L.A. Sunshine, Chief Rocka Starski
DJ Hollywood, but answer this for me:
How did you shock the house, why would you turn it out?
Could you really electrify? What is it all about?
You're known for hypnotizing, all the money making
The dolla dolla bill, I heard your earth-shaking
You knew about sure shots and rocking the beat
You always made us get busy and move our feet
If you wasn't socializing or counting to five
You was talking 'bout cheeba and getting high
Sometimes, I want to go back and wear some leather
With fresh white gloves in steamy hot weather
Tall boots and fur hats… Uh huh! A-take that!
High-fives during a live show… whoa!
Some of y'all said outlandish things
About being able to rock, shock, and sing
I need some tips, and I can really get hip
Kidd Drunk from the P, sincere-it-ally

[Double K:] For real, man… I hope they right me back and shit, man… serious… it's time to shock the house… hey, man, help me shock the house… I mean, how we do that?
[Sung sample:] We wanna get you out

[Spoken sample:] I know he's a bad mo'fucker and all… I know that (right, right)… but him jumping off mountains with his mother… you know… and not getting hurt? Naw [scratched], that's bullshit…
[Spoken sample:] I disagree, homeboy!

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