Letter From The Old School

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Mail-delivering rapper (Double K):] Ay-yo, I think you guys got a letter here. Looks like it's from L.A.
[Scorpio (Double K):] Word. Lemme take this down here to Mel. He's working out right now… Ay-yo, Mel… We got a letter right here, man. Some dude from L.A.
[Melle Mel (Double K:)] Well, who's that? Lemme see that!
[Scorpio] What's it say?
[Melle Mel:] He said a-bop-dit-bop-fop-a-get-fop-to-the-sit-rip-hope-get-rid!
[Scorpio:] I don't like that junk!
[Melle Mel:] Me neither! We gonna write this sucka back!

[Thes One:] Let's see what we got here: American Express, eh, fucking bills, eh… The Old School?! This fu- Hey, Mike, man, you got a letter here from the Bronx!
[Double K:] Oh, word?
[Thes One:] Yeah, they- someone wrote you, man! Check this out…
[Double K:] Aw, shit! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Thes One:] Yeah…
[Double K:] Aw, man! I can't believe it. They wrote me back! Aw, shit, man! Aw, the Old School… See? I knew they'd come around, I knew they'd come around, man. Let's see what this shit says right here… wait a minute!

[Melle Mel:] Dear Double K, what's wrong with you?
[Scorpio:] We got your letter asking us about the Old School
[Melle Mel:] Well, for your information, we're doing fine!
[Scorpio:] Still smoking the cheeba, still drinking wine
[Melle Mel:] We can't get no shows, promoters won't call
[Scorpio:] So we're forced to hang out without a rock and play ball
[Melle Mel:] Are you the real Double K, is that you, Guy Davis?
[Scorpio:] Or that DJ from L.A. who said he's gonna save us?
[Melle Mel:] Well, to answer your question: Yes! We still amaze
Rock, shock, and put the whole block in a daze
[Scorpio:] Keep being sarcastic and being a mess
[Melle Mel:] You keep popping that junk, we got your address
[Scorpio:] Don't bother no more, don't write, don't call
[Melle Mel:] We need to take you to court for saying "Yes, yes, y'all!"
[Both:] To conclude this letter, stop being a fool
Bring your ass to the Bronx… Love, The Old School

[Double K:] Are you fucking kidding me? These niggas is tripping? Man, I was just trying to find out how they rock, shock, block, and amaze, and all that good… good… Man, see, that's why them fools… Man, that's why in '88 they wasn't selling no records. Man, hold up… Fuck that… Just trying to help these old niggas out, man. Just trying to get them niggas some shine and some light. Fuck it, man, I'll just start writing old pop artists or some shit, man. Word, man. You know, like Luther Vandross. He'd appreciate that shit, man. Matter of fact… think I'mma throw a Lutherfest.

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