Letter 2 c/o The Bronx

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Party people:] We need the funk… gotta have that funk…)
[Double K:] Ay-yo, yo, hold up... chill out, chill out, chill out on that drinking, man… I wanna say something, man. I wanna say something real quick. It's real serious, man, it's about the brothas who started hip-hop. Kool Herc, Pete DJ Jones, Disco King Mario, and Richie T of the world famous T-Connection. Dig this!

[Rap sample:] I say, now, everybody around the nation
We're gonna give you some inspiration
[Rap sample:] No other sound is quite the same

[Double K:] (Uh huh huh huh! Uh huh huh huh huh…)
Now, let me take you on a trip down memory lane
1975, Bambaataa was live in the Bronx River
Across town, you had Cowboy and Flash
They was tearing down the Black Door room
Before you get confused, let me warn ya
I'm an old school junkie who was born here in California
Around the same time Rahiem was down with the Funky Four
Then he skipped to Furious and they added one more
The original Jazzy Jeff, or was it King Caesar, the Woman Pleaser?
Now, let me make it clear that these are the brothers
Who made it possible for your janky-ass crew to get a show
Eddie Cheeba, Eddie Cheeba
And who makes it sweeter than Lovebug at the Fever
Coked-out, loc'ed-out rappers at their best
And some of these niggas think it started here in the West
But it hit our airwaves around '79, and if you really wanna go back
To Fatback and Tim the King Third
Coke La Rock, Ecstasy Garage was the spot
Casanovas running around, giving out speed-nots
In the name of hip-hop, the origin of the name drop
Came from gangstas running the numbers
In Harlem world, it was disco, Bronx was rugged
They was setting up, playing for anybody who dug it
Like this, y'all… it's like that, baby brother
Gotta give it to New York, the birthplace of my mother
Angel dust was the shit, and everybody was toking…

[Double K:] What, what? Hold on, man. Yo! Give me my Kangol back… Yo, that's fucked up, man… Trying to do some old school shit… Hey, man, this a nice dog. What kind of dog is it? What the fuck is it, you know what I'm saying? Say it. Say it on the fucking microphone. You don't like old school disco rap, shut up… You don't love that shit. I love that shit.
[Thes One:] Cool out, man! Cool out, man… Hey, get back! Back up, homie! Don't… Yeah, give him back his Kangol. Get away from him… We gonna turn… Look, you know what? Tell Todd we gonna change the music right now. Y'all relax… you ladies chill. You keep dancing, man. We'll keep this party... We'll stop this old school. Don't trip, Double, man. Here have this drink. Yo, ch- chill out, Todd…

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