LA Song (Sensitive Mix)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:]
See, I see the people moving through the arteries and veins
In cars switching lanes, dropping extravagant names
Into cell phones, to real estate agents who sell homes
To implants with implants dancing with chrome
She's entertaining the city one dollar at a time
For a little drug money, escalating L.A. crime
From a fake escobar anticipating some time
Just a night at the bar, taking the trouble off his mind
He's drinking long islands with some cat from Manhattan
Who moved away from Staten to start a career in rapping
When he touched down and realized he was just another number
Now, he's trying to get a zone that he can sling through the summer
To them other newcomers, they're trying to get discovered
They're working as a waiter, to midnight or even later
At least they're getting tipped, see the cook, he's getting gypped
Fuck a minimum wage, he's just another immigrant
Riding the bus home, sitting next to an old crip
Who finally decided to stop letting the chrome rip
But not before he caught a hollow-tip that gave him a limp
He passes by every night, smoking a pimp
I say, "What's up?" ([Double K:] What's happening, man?)
And that's how we do
I guess we're both repping L.A. in our own special way
Two of a kind, Double K and mine, finding peace of mind
Watching the daily grind from our mission to record find
Rectifying them underlying currents in L.A.
There's no Plan B 'cause the city don't play
See, I understand my role in the city of L.A.
There's no Plan B 'cause the city don't eh

[Rap sample:] I stay in… (repeated)
[Double K:] Everybody wanna be this smooth rapper from L.A.… It ain't L.A., and didn't even come from L.A. They come here, trying to put a new brand, a new stamp on what we done already started back here, you know? We listened to the greats, the King Tee, the Mixmaster shows, and KDAY. Wasn't all this ol' wild shit you're hearing now, man, it was real shit back then… and who knows what shit's turned into, I know what we got…

[Double K:]
The summer of '7-7, God gave his only rider
To a city of angels with broken-down fables
Dominoes was on the table, brown liquor in cups
My pops was the man out on the streets cutting up
That Hollywood swinging on that natural high
Stepping outta line or high-stepping got you by
But now there's gangs that's banging and signs is hanging
Crooked cops pulling over for the same old thing
And my registration's in my melanin, and that's a reason for a beating
In Los Angeles, it stays nigger season
So you got to have a smile on your face (and oh yeah)
Or show 'em how you really feel and they gon' go for the waist
It happened to my homie, man, and it won't happen to me
Quit throwing up the C, became a real OG
By murdering tracks, burning the wax through stacks and stacks
Blowing it like greenbacks in the back of the 'Lac
Remembering the good days, trying to get my feet wet
Smoking blunts with my friends (hey, man, how high can you get?)
But some got too high, and they never came down
And no matter what happened to my folks, I'm still down
That's what my city taught me, never be a copy
Stay ahead of the pack, keep your eyes on your back
Look both ways before you crossing this place
You'll get lost in this place, tossed in the space of mind
That you want to get out of (and that you want to stay out of)
So I stay doing something to keep my unborn proud of
Pops was rolling stoned with his shoes on the concrete
And month after week, the people pay to hear me speak
I got the gift of gab and known for the soul grabbing
A product of L.A., I know you see my pants sagging

[Rap sample:] Fresh out Los Angeles
[Rap sample:] We dropping science
[Rap sample:] Fresh out Los Angeles
[Rap sample:] Penetrating
[Rap sample:] I stay in… I get it…
[Rap sample:] Fresh out Los Angeles
[Rap sample:] We dropping science
[Rap sample:] Fresh out Los Angeles
[Rap sample:] We dropping science
[Rap sample:] Fresh out Los Angeles
[Rap sample:] Penetrating mind

[Rap sample:] We dropping science
[Rap sample:] Fresh out Los Angeles
(mixed, scratched, and repeated)

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