Knuckle Sandwich (Kidd Lexus)

Written by: Brandon Collins, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Scratched sample:] Ladies and gentlemen… once again…

[Kidd Lexus:]
Yo, I blast my way out, then I spray out, just for the hell of it
Civil war's in development, Lexus versus confederate
I won't stop giving my lyrical onslaught
That demo you got need to be sent to a pawn shop
You feeling me? You constantly crying, "Lexus is killing me!"
I'll send your ass to hell and then back, special delivery
But we the good guys like Optimus Prime and Ironhide (hell yeah!)
Make a homicide appear to look like a suicide
So next shit, you better take heed to my message
You couldn't find me with them bloodhounds and a detective
Signing your death wish, fake MCs get arrested (uh huh…)
There's not enough containment for them all, it's getting hectic
We talked to them cats (and what'd you say?)
And we came to an agreement, go on down Crescent Heights
You won't get slammed on the cement (alright)
So it has to be, Lex got juice like a battery
Try to battle me, nigga, you must have the audacity
The harass academy, learning on rough terrain
Been going insane, robbing a train like Jesse James
No bullshit, when it comes to flows, I got a full clip
Gunning down my foes, so I suppose that I should prove it
(Ain't trying to prove!) Little kid, yo, you ain't earned no staring rights
So now you get burned down one million degrees Fahrenheit
You parasite, I slipped the silky smooth to be in paradise
Living close to spouse for light, but yo, they ain't there at night
While you rhyming jiggy, my rhymes are like trashing simple fools
I added back a rhyme like a red computer peripheral
Your style is so predictable, (so) limited, and typical
Nigga, you can't see me 'cause Lexus remains invisible
Rhyme primitive, concoct a verse with deadly chemicals
Captain Kidd and Thes One, two deadly individuals

[Scratched sample:] Woo-ee! I said, "Say no more, brother!"

[Kidd Lexus:]
Yo, yo, yo… Lyrical bandit, Lexus the individual running rampant
Got a better advantage, my quicker-than-rapid transit
Hip-hop fanatic, fiending them beats like an addict
Don't peep the status, it's havoc when I switch to automatic
(That's right, motherfucker)
Schooling human beings, being black, white, or Koreans
Since the message you receiving are laid down wit' to get even
Bring the drama, the Captain Kidd comma Lexus
You pushing towards a death wish, watch who you mess with
(Hey, you better watch yourself…)
Now normally, I be lounging, grab a sack and talk some shit
Walk the block and be aware of my surroundings
But now, I notice (uh huh) that there ain't no innovation (yup)
The intricate prob you're facing is mental evacuation
But always, Lex'll be known as a rhyme buster
You freaks come out at night, so I'll stay in 'til after supper
Got an ill speech and an ill beat that'll still reach
Crescent Heights Ave out to Malibu Beach
I'm devastating (You what?)
Got more rhymes than stars in a constellation (Is that right?)
I don't rest, I keep on with my vocal penetration
I separate myself from the usual scene (yup)
Live the hip-hop life, if you know what I mean
But I ain't typical, far from average, I'm like a maverick
Ripping through your Polo fabric (uh), it's already been established
Hold you up for ransom, hock your mic, she'd rock a Helly Hansen
Extravagant with my answer, I'm an Undisputed Champ of…

[Scratched sample:] Ladies and…

[Kidd Lexus:]
Yo, I'm ill, me and Double K be two hundred mil
Be on the lookout, don't let us catch your crew in the field
Time for acting, those who think my flows ain't everlasting
Get smacked and on they back in a horizontal fashion
K.O.'ed, while you shopping for that style you be adopting
The final nail in the coffin is when you'd think I was dropping
Don't hand me that, nigga, you'd have to be mentally handicapped (Sucka! C'mon!) To think I would slip just a little, save the chatter, black
And you can count on the fact, when I counter-attack
I might come out on my back, no time to react (Ha!)
Don't copy me, nigga, this is my town, my monopoly
You rhyme sloppily, and you can't function properly (No, you sure can't!)
This is my territory, sipping down a cold 40 (Oh, yeah…)
On the lookout at night like a star observatory (Say what?)
'Cause I write the illest rhymes, only when I get bored
Cutting down competition like a samurai sword
But you were hesitant (that's right), so I took you out for the hell of it
An easy win for me, your rhyme delivery's too delicate
And if you ever question Captain Kidd Lex's rhymes
I suggest you do time, 'cause that's committing a crime…

[Spoken sample:] Yeah…
[Scratched sample:] I mean… the best you can ask for, you might get one of them knuckle sandwiches or something like that… but you gotta remember: you gotta have the proper attitude… you know, your attitude is very important…

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