July 3rd

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Double K:] Be having bad days…dudes be going through shit… it's ain't hip-hop all day, man… niggas got feelings and shit… steady pissing fools off just like you'd do with anybody, dude… I mean… the P's going through it… and we always going through it, but… you know, weed this out…)

[Double K:]
Yo, woke up kinda mad, although it wasn't late
Today was a day that I thought would be great
Was supposed to spend some time with this girl
Who claims she mine, it was like a 1-year or something
Yo, I'm not quite sure. Anyway, I was chilling around 11 a.m.
And old girl was out preparing for the bomb p.m.
So I was supposed to cheeba chief, and making tracks or whatnot
My nigga, Joe Cool, came through and said the homie got shot
Now, even though he's still alive, it put a damper on the day
Hollered at my old lady, and she said she on her way
So, it was about 2 o'clock when this chick rolled up
Said she'd missed her hair appointment, now she's all choked up
I said, "Fuck the hairpiece, just put it in a ponytail!"
I shouldn't have said that, this girl raised all hell
Started crying and sobbing about her day fucking up
Wasn't thinking 'bout mine, so I began to loc up
Yo, I had to catch myself ("Michael, cool out.")
So, I went into "man" mode and tried to talk this shit out
Now, here I am, comprimising, but that didn't work
The whole time I sitting, feeling like DJ Jerk
Then she goes, calls her homegirl, the one I don't like
"Oh, come and do some products, you can do my hair, alright?"
Now mind you, I don't like this bitch or her ways
And suddenly she's in the midst of my supposedly date
So. I jumped up and acted like I wasn't mad and said, "Cool."
When really, I could've shot both them hos and felt good
But yo, that ain't the way, so I just mobbed the hood
See my man Kurt Loco, he said, "What's up with the 4-0?"
Threw my problem in a bottle, smoked him out and was gone
Soon as I get home, yo, my moms is on the phone
Yelling and bitching about me not doing something
Now, I'm known to lack, and get sidetracked
But I was really trying to do it, and she wasn't hearing that
Told me to beat it, "go to hell," and hung up the phone
I'm like, "Damn! It's 5:30, and I'm still at home, yo
Mom's on one, and this bitch is out bullshitting?"
I'm sitting in the room with the JBs on blast
With the time ticking fast, now, I wanna kick some ass
Ay-yo, fuck that (fuck that bitch)…
I'm gonna get mad all over again, dude, let me get calm
Yo, she finally showed up about an hour later
With her hair looking no better than the first day that I met her
You know, I'm all drunk and blunted the fuck out of my mind
Don't wanna hear no "sorry," stupid, let's just have a good time
[Double K:] And I guess we did it, man, you know, she kinda made it up to me…
[Thes One:] Word?
[Double K:] Still, man, the day was all fucked up! Little Nookie got blasted on and shit…
[Thes One:] Damn!
[Double K:] You know, then I see my ex-bitch, dude! What the fuck?
[Thes One:] Damn. That's fucked up, man.
[Double K:] You know, that's what I'm saying, my nigga.
[Thes One:] That shit's fucked up, yo. Shit's just…
[Double K:] Damn, man… Shit, just, you know.
[Thes One:] It's July 3rd! What can you say but… you know?
[Double K:] God damn. You done what? What happened?
[Thes One:] Man! What? It happened to me too, man!

[Thes One:]
July 3rd, lazy Saturday afternoon
Drinking cold lemonade, just finished cleaning my room
See, I presumed, at that point, there was nothing else to do
I took the jeep down the street and copped a 40 of brew
As I'm riding, I decide I'd rent a Genesis game
Turned right on Western, pass the red-line train
Park my car on the main corner, Third and Hobart
Walked across the street to Young's Game and Video Mart
Once inside, I realized I had forgotten my card
Said "peace" to the guard, told him I'd go back to my car
Went outside, pushing buttons, and the light turns green
Stepping to the crosswalk, now imagine this scene:
A tan '88 Dodge minivan didn't stop
He's doing thirty, headed for me in the damn crosswalk
Out of shock, I did my best to try and jump back quick
We made eye contact, right before I was hit!
I jumped up, missing a shoe, shocked and dazed
Blood pouring out my body, traffic stopped both ways
The dude is trying to throw me into his van to take off
I can't even walk straight, let alone fend him off
He's begging bystanders not to call the police, shit
Giving me eleven dollars 'cause I've just been hit
His sob story lasted 'til the paramedics arrived
Witnesses crying, saying "lucky to be alive!"
Eight hours later, alone, getting a CAT scan
Trying to go back and understand the randomness of it all
Damn! That's the answer I get:
One minute you're here, the next you're…

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