Joints And Gyms

Written by: Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] That was dope, yo… I mean, you got… you got it.., you got it all. But you see the Baron is not a rich man. The Baron is a humble man. This is the first beat machine the Baron bought, and sometimes simplest is best… if you're feeling the Baron and what he's saying, make some noise, yo… 'cause the Baron is a giving-… lemme go ahead and turn on the old 1961 beat machine, here… let's get it going to full blast… here… go ahead, take this mic, 'cause the Baron, he speaks with his music…

([Thes One:] Turn it up, y'all…)
[DJ Dusk:] Yo, Carlos, turn that up, baby…
([Thes One:] Turn it up!
[Male fan:] Turn it up…
[Thes One:] Ya gotta turn it up for the people, 'cause they can't-… we gonna do this shit right here…
[Male fan:] Turn it up…)

([Thes One:] I got my computer!)

[DJ Dusk:] Aiiiite? Aiiiiite? Ahhhh… Yo, yo… yo yo yo…


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