Jim Sr.

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:]
If they ask me three or four times, they just keep bugging me and bugging me and I keep telling 'em, I said, "Well, I can't do this (so and so)"… Just like a guy asked me for, uh… a couple dollars. Maybe I got a couple dollars in my pocket or four dollars in my pocket and I gotta do something with it. He said, "Well, all I need is two dollars." I said, "Well, listen, man," I said, "You only gonna leave me with two, and I need the four dollars now!" And… they just keep bugging you and bugging you, well… cases like that, sometimes, I'll… snap off, I say, "Well, man," I say, "You only ain't thinking about nobody but yourself" or… er… sometimes, I just give 'em the two dollars…

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