Jamboree, Pt. 2

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Get my barbeque… yo, do it like this… all the barbeque's in the back… let's just chill… pour up s'more of these drinks… put your cell phones down… just get up, you know what I mean? Get up… You get up… Get up!
[Thes One:] Hey, Beto, come here, and, um… go down… go down, and have 'em get, uh… yeah, five dollars… y'all put in two… and uh, we need s'more beer, man… c'mon…

[Double K:]
The barbeque is done, and I'm not sober
Looking for some skins, so I can (Shut yo' mouth!)
Alright, I mean come over and rub my back
They can drink on this Bombay and smoke this sack
But I don't have any phone numbers at hand
And all the girls around here cooling with their man
Plan B: pour up another cup and erupt
Ay-yo, Thes come get this drink!
([Thes One:] Yo, man, I can't, I'm cleaning up, man!)
Man, I'm cleanin' up!? Yo, later for that!
It's only midnight, and this is where it's at
Threw on some Parliament to re-ignite the night
A couple more people arrive with Amstel Light
"Ay-yo, who the fuck are they?" I said with a slur
They stepped into the light, and all I seen was her
You better watch that man, yo, I'mma punch her man
And dance around the room, so I can kiss her hand
But that approach wouldn't be civilized right?
So I sang Flashlight, the 12-inch version
It seems like my liver is the only thing I'm hurting
Blurting out obscenities seem to be the remedy
([Thes One:] Hey, man, c'mon!)
I'm sure these people around, they want to get rid of me, man
But, yo, just keep partying, man… I know…
What's up? C'mon, let's dance, man, aw, my bad…
My… let's dance, yo…

([Double K:] Yo, what's wrong, man? What'd I say, man?
[Thes One:] Aight, it's cool, man!
[Double K:] Yo, let's do the home
[Thes One:] It's cool, man, don't worry about it…
[Double K:] Let's do the home, you know…

[Thes One:]
Dude, this house is a mess ([Double K:] No, it ain't, man!)
Most everybody left
Some didn't say "bye," it's cool, only the crew's here
Time to post up, there's a couple of beers
"Hey, y'all, cheers to a good night," another J they light
They'll probably stay all night, I'd rather that than they leave
If they stumble to the door, I'm surely takin' their keys
I grab a seat, we reminisce about old times like Aladdin's Castle
DJ Aladdin, 2 Live Crew rhymes, and 2-player Madden
I guess it's kind of sad when it's the end of the night
The homie Beto came back with some Amstel Light
And Mikey's beatboxing basslines to Flashlight
They argue and laugh, it's all funny to me
I got all my homies drunk on my balcony
I can feel myself fading as a story's relayed about a DJ that played
"Masquarade" by Ace and Ab Rude, I wake up, like
"Dude, L.A.'s the shit!", they all nod their head,  take another hit
"You might remember that H-block shit"… ([Double K:] Yeah, man!)
I feel myself fading, another hit….
([Double K:] Yo… fucking went to sleep… Get yo' ass up!
[Thes One:] Yo… you know, man… I wanna get up, man… I wanna make a margarita… You wanna marga- You w- Ay-yo… Ay, I gotta margarita, man…
[Guy #1:] What you doing?
[Thes One:] Aight, man, sit… I'm making a margarita, man! Chill out, yo! Man, I'm cool…
[Double K:] Man, just let him make his margarita, man!
[Thes One:] You gonna drink this, it's good, man… aight, you gonna have some of this, or I'm not gonna drink it…
[Double K:] Ahh, this margarita is good…
[Thes One:] Naw, man! I'm not gonna…
[Double K:] What's wrong with you, man? Yo, get together, man. Why you bugging out, man? What's up?
[Thes One:] You know… I gotta clean this shit up now, man. I don't even know… Man, I don't know who barfed the fuck all over
[Double K:] Clean this shit up, man… I'll help you…

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