Jamboree, Pt. 1

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Recorder:] Saturday, one fifty-two p.m.
[Phill Most Chill:] Yo, yo, Thes, what's good? It's your man, Phill Most Chill, soul man… yo, I'm on my way out there. I'm getting ready to hop on the plane right now. I'm trying to get to that barbeque, man… yo, and bring like some old school tapes, some Busy Bee, Cosmic Force… y-you know how to do it, man, and, um… I'm bringing my g-u-n, too, if that's alright, but yo… I'll be there, don't eat up all the good shit, like, just save me, like, just one rib and I'm good, alright? Alright, Thunder, peace…

[Thes One:] ([original line, unintelligible:] Forget sports…)
… throw on your shorts, light up the grill
Hot August Saturday, we gonna lay around and chill
At the bottom of the hill, there's a store, BYOB
By yourself a case and bring some Stone Brewery for me
Bring your homie and a girl, and your girl, and her homegirl
Enough smoking and folk to let the party unfurl
Dope, GP is coming, and Aesthetics is too
Crown City, Starving Artists, and a couple other crews
Dudes bringing the brews and booze for the blender
Marinating the beef in the beer 'til it's tender
Send a couple of plastic plates and cups, yo, hurry up!
A couple of folks are showing up
Pumping up the Jazzy Sensation with the Bambaataa
It makes the homie dance while he's flipping the asada
Everybody laughing as the sun starts to set
Doing it now to have a night to never forget, you gotta…

[Sung sample:] Do it now! (Right now!) (x4)

([Thes One:] Ha ha, uh, ha ha)
[Double K:] (Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!)
I'm on the move, and I'm rollin' tough
I stepped in the party, now I'm rolling up
All my friends are here and they're feeling nice
I'm passing handshakes and smiles, "Yeah, what up, big Mike!"
I see some lightskinned oooh! I see some dark skins
Some short and stubby, some tall and thin
But you know, I spotted one, the prettiest girl there
With reddish brown hair, and I was loving the flair
But in the meantime, I have a couple drinks and shit
Trying to hype up my game, you know a nigga ain't a lame
I got them charming ways, you see
This girl was the most beautifulist thing in the world, yeah, for sure
I chilled like a square and didn't approach her
I just stared, and moved a little bit closer
Word up, this girl put a spell on me
I would have married her there, but I smelled like weed
By the way, there's Thes, "Hey, brotha, what do you say?"
[Thes One:] Double K, Double K, did you hit the buffet?
What a nice day, I'm having a ball, drinking it all
Saw you peeping out the honey standing by the wall in overalls
She's Lee's friend, for the weekend from Fresno
You should hit her up man before her ride decide to go
[Double K:] Man, I'm feelin' shy, I don't know why
I'm loving the face, dude, I'm lovin her thighs
How's my t-shirt look? And is my hair alright?
[Thes One:] You better do it now
Here is your chance, you better slide with the…

[Sung sample:] Do it now! (Right now!) (x4)
([Double K:] Yeah, alright, yeah… ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!)

[Sung sample:] The choice is up to you, it's up to you (x2)

[Double K:]
I got a mouthful of Altoids, feeling fresh
I finished my food, I'm 'bout to give it my best
I said. "Hey, pretty lady, are you liking the food?"
Realize what I said, now I feel like a fool
She replied nicely with a grin, I might be
Hanging like Ice-T by the end of the night
She could be my Darlene, and I said, "That's right."
Started talking 'bout my flows and what she did last night
I offered girl some drink, she took it to the face
This girl likes to party, so I brought up my place
I said, "I got a nice TV, my bed is big
But there's only one thing," and I began to sing, it went…
[Sung sample:] The choice is up to you ([Double K:] I said…)
It's up to you (I said the…)
The choice is up to you (you hear me, you hear me?)
It's up to you…
[Double K:] She said, "No, I'm kind of sorry, gotta turn you down
It was really good meeting you, maybe I'll see you around."
I said, "Man, it ain't a thang," got another chicken wing
I seen another little cutie and began to sing… it went:

[Sung sample:] Do it now! (Right now!) (x3) you better…

[Sung sample:] The choice is up to you, it's up to you… (repeat)
([Double K:] Gimme a piece of that… you know? Got some barbeque on my shirt… It's really cool though, because… Ay-ay, what's up, man? Yeah, Thes One, alright now. Ho! Oh yeah, yeah, we age-rotic, that's it, homie, gonna hit me over there… Hey, I want you to eat, man… Get some of that food, boy! Yeah… what you digging on, man? C'mere, girl!

[Spoken sample:] It's out of sight… this song right here… it's dynamite… I'm ready… I'm coming… I'm coming back… I'm coming back… I'm coming… Coming to get you… We gonna get down… We gonna get down… We gonna dance… We're gonna dance… We're gonna dance…

[Party sounds:]
[Thes One:] Are you drunk? Let's use the phone in here, let's try what Chikara got on his cell phone and was like… he's okay though…
[Lot of voices:] OHHHHH!!! ([Some guy:] Bang! Bang!)
[Guy #1:] Time Machine! Time Machine!
[Guy #2:] Electric…
[Thes One:] That old Time Machine…
[JazMak (?):] Hold up! Chikara's got a call
[Thes One:] Chikara, who is it? Alright, Chikara… on the microphone, please… Chikara, on the mic… answer the phone…
[Girls, repeating:] Booty call!
[Thes One:] Shut your mouth!

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