I Will Be Your DJ (unofficial title)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Ay-yo, hush that fuss, I ain't got no dust… Yo! Fun DMC! It's what you like… September 30th, you know what I'm sayin'? We fine like aged wine, put the motherfuckin' whip in your behind! Double K and Thes One! What you need, it's what you like… woo, Fun DMC!
[Sung sample:] I will be your DJ
[Double K:] Yo, I ain't ask you all that, man. Chill out!
[Sung sample:] If you yell it out funky, what you want me to play
[Double K:] Sit your old ass down…
[Sung sample:] Said I will be your DJ
[Double K:] Huh HUH! I'm leavin'…
[Sung sample:] If you yell it out funky, what you want me to play
Say what? Tell me it is… (DJ!), I can make it funky, m'dear
If you want some dope love hope, I can give it to you, and that's no funk

We can dance all night 'til the morning light
You and me, in ecstacy
It's a mad romance, let's take a chance
With all the love
And if we should find our love on time
To be what we need and set us free
Baby, just hold on tight 'til the morning light
We can find a way, find a way.. hey!

[Double K:] Yo, chill out, old dude, chill out. Fun DMC for everybody… especially, for you! What you need!
[Sung sample:] D-M-C!
[Double K:] You know we on that Willis Jackson tip, fine sweaters, dope haircuts, you know what I'm sayin'? I wanna shout out my man, Blewfoot! Slick Rick… over there in South Central, you know they hold it down, right? They ridin' that wave.
[Sung sample:] D-M-C!
[Double K:] Uh, what's it called, now?
[Sung sample:] D-M-C!
[Double K:] Ooh. Yeah.

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