Written by: Christopher Portugal

[DJ Dusk:] Whoop! Whoop! Ah…
([Thes One:] Hey, tell 'em… Tell 'em we're recording this!)
[DJ Dusk:] That's right. That's right. We're getting this down. We're recording this. This is history in the making. If you were at the first Soundclash, you know what time it is… but this is history in the making. You guys are being recorded tonight, so we need to get your energy. If you're feeling the producers, if you're feeling everything that's happening up here, just keep it going, y'all, lemme hear it, right? Lemme hear it, right?
([Thes One:] Put the mic out there…)

[DJ Dusk:] Okay, check it out, check it out… We about to flip the record and see what happens next. Miles, why don't you take it, 'cause I know you know… heads, tails… what's the deal, so...

[Miles:] Alright, Baron von Wilm… Wolfgang von Thes… The Baron himself…
([DJ Dusk:] He goes for heads.)
[Miles:] He's gon- ah, he's gonna pick heads. Will.I.Am's picking heads, alright now…
[DJ Dusk:] It's tails.
([Thes One:] I want him to go first…)

[DJ Dusk:] So, okay… this is how this works, y'all: we're gonna go round-for-round, four rounds. Four, uh... bonus beats for your listening pleasure. My man, Will, is gonna rock his… music and do his thing. After he's done doing his thing for about a minute or so, we gonna bounce back over here to my man, Thes One, and rock it back and forth. And uh… have lots of fun. I'm talking a little bit too much, I'm a little bit excited. I wanna see this go down, and if you wanna see this go down, Los Angeles, make some noise... (echoes)


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