Intro/4 Everybody

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Mayor:] …Now, if I can at this moment, let me try to relate… to whatever questions you may have… Yes, sir?
[Constituent:] Mayor, you spoke earlier about, like, the frustrations, uh… that black people, uh, have been going through and are going through… I'm frustrated to a point where, uh, I'm ready to give up on the system, but like I am a black youth, so can you… well, what would you tell me to do in terms of, like, whether following the system as it is… or going on off, and developing… inasmuch as I can, a new system…
[Mayor:] Let me tell you as a brother…

[Double K:] Look at me and my homeboy, we about to start a new system. My homeboy got a sampler, he loop-… Man, I got some tight-ass flows, nig- we gonna be bigger than Death Row, nigga, you got beats? Nigga, give me a call, we can make some money, nigga. Me and my homeboy, nigga, his sister rappin'. They call her Lady Lunatic, nigga! You need to get at me, homie. Nigga, I got flows, nigga…

[Rap sample:] (?) Hip hop! (?)
[Thes One:] I can't stand this hip-hop shit nowadays. Word, I'm about to… ay-yo…
[Double K:] One… Two… Shit, are we – Aight, dude… shut up…
["Bobby" (Double K):] Me and Mikey 'bout to get on the mic, represent… Nigga, ain't fuckin' around, you do it! Do it, Mikey, do it!

[Double K:](Check this out, yo…)
Yo, I want to see you dead in the worst way
Ain't no way I'm 'bout to let you get down without a crown
On the top of your dome, knowing you ain't "rhyme"
You can't "beats", they ain't hitting, spitting wack shit
You better off quitting, homeboy, you ain't dope with this
You got something else to say, fool, put up your fists
Word up, I got more style than that nigga Prince had groups
Beats be more slicker than them niggas in TROOP
I ain't soup, don't even like that shit when I'm sick
But I'm wit' it, hit it 'til your girl tell me to quit it
But I don't and I won't, so please don't approach
Catch your first-class ass-whipping from a nigga in coach
The funk keeps spreading like AIDS in America
I'm tearing you out your frame, ain't that a shame?
Lame, that's what you is, treat you like your name was Liz Taylor
Way to bring another round for the cheap-ass niggas
Two brown-skinned figures with the need to rock, like crack
And it's a fact that we here to smack characters on both cheeks
If you plan to turn the other, uppercut your sister, knee-stomp your brother
Double Trouble about to bring it to your body just once
That's all that it take, until your ass yell "rape!"
'Cause I'm doing it, doing it to your fucking ear-hole
You better put me on (?), sit back and watch your fate fold
'Cause me and the-s going places like tourists
Purists, that's what we are, leave a squad
Better yet, make these motherfuckers run to the potty
Huh, People Under The Stairs, bringing it for everybody

[Thes One, Double K, Smile-Oak, & Assault:]
We got the beats and the rhymes and dimes (for everybody!)
We create classic breaks from the crates (for everybody!)
We come in with Horny Horns and the funk (for everybody!)
We put in work to make the cuts you love (for everybody!)
(loosely repeated)
[Thes One:] Thes One puts in work to make the cuts you love…

[Thes One:]
It's a last, but never least, lever-released stock pattern
I cause motions, support motion, that's promotion
Platinum make a madder commotion baker rise

Rise up, my people, let's get ready to the fed beat to me shoe
In lieu of the fact, my tracks skip to my lou (nah, dude)
I (?) in divine cosmos, absorb the beats through deep osmosis
Thes is creator of this experience which is
I leave the life forms listless
Witness, I request, fathom that,in SeaQuest
Get even persona in the (?) was deeper
I put your Shure microphone in a sleeper
Keeper of the funk and a format
Discs, tapes, and more DATs
Than a lake of straight cats and dogs
Kings fella like Lincoln Logs
Thes resemble pleasant peasant from Fertile Crescent
American Inca reared with a beer and an accent
Essential, these credentials that read "me, super MC,
Spell it with a capital T-E-S mostro plato que si
I be fresh, put up your hands and wave 'em
Yes, yes, y'all
We on the ball like the Globetrotters
I do this for your father and your mother
Your parents who's apparently, inherently
Talent you inherit, see, I am the result of super sperm
In other jams or at the party
The P is the body funking for everybody
Corona for everybody
Beedis and blunts and beers
(for everybody!… for everybody!… etc.)

[Thes One, Double K, Smile-Oak, & Assault:]
We got the beats and the rhymes and dimes (for everybody!)
We create classic breaks from the crates (for everybody!)
We come in with Horny Horns and the funk (for everybody!)
We put in work to make the cuts you love (for everybody!)
(loosely repeated)

Buddy… [Double K:] Yo… beats and the rhymes… a couple of dimes… We create classic breaks from the crates with Horny Horns and funk… yeah… People Under The Stairs…We be funking like your heart was stopping… the studio funk… yeah… Thes One (?) in the place… Double Trouble… bring it all for you!

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