Internet Time

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:]
Gonna get on the Internet, brother? 'Bout that time!
([Thes One:] Interneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!)
Goddamn right, buddy! It's 'bout that fucking time!
Nothing else to do! (Yeah!)
Gonna get on the fuckin' Internet today! (Internet!)
I'm gonna order me some fuckin' women! (Internet!)
I wanna get me a Big Mac from my Internet! (Internet!)
I wanna shop at the mall from my Internet! (On the Internet!)
I can do anything I want on my Internet!
(Anything that you need in your life…)
I can listen to him sing on my Internet! (…is on the Internet!)
You're goddamn right!

[Thes One:] You can be an MC on the Internet!
[Double K:] You can cheat on your wife!
[Thes One:] You can pick up girls!
[Double K:] Sure can!
[Thes One:] You can order things…
[Double K:] Do what you want! Do everything!
[Thes One:] Flowers, food, what do you want? It's all on the Internet!
[Double K:] I know!
[Thes One:] You don't even live anymore!
[Double K:] I know!
[Thes One:] Just go inside your computer and live on the Internet!
[Double K:] I will!
[Thes One:] That's the way of the Internet!
[Double K:] Do it, brother, do it, brother, do it!

*Important Note: These transcriptions are not verified with P.U.T.S., so there may be errors. We are especially unsure of the greyed-out text. We encourage you to offer your suggestions for lyrics corrections on the site's main page.


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