I'm Smiley (Smile-Oak)

Written by: W. West, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] Smiley… I'm smiley… I'm smiley… smiley…

([Double K:] Yeah… People Under The Stairs, Smile-Oak… you know what I'm saying… Double K and Thes One… aw, you know, like this… from the Bay, from the motherfucking Bay Area… Northwest… Smile-Oak… setting it off for you… for you… yeah… yeah… check it out…)

Check-a, check-a, check-a, check-a, check-a
I'm the cassette deck inspector, I impede like transistor
My hands blistered from ist even mics, I leaving tight to even Steven
And grieving for they loss, 'cause they paid the cost (What?)
I take days off to raise my crops
And whitewash MCs like you wouldn't believe
I flash-freeze wack rappers, I'm the resurrective selectives
I'm knocking boots, footing the bill, and stepping up, so what's up?
You know what? I'm gonna rock you with a rock
Lock, stock and barrel cocked, these styles can't be topped
I'll pop your cherry, I'm extraordinary
I'll slide inside, pointing my fingers like Larry
I'm agrarian, very intelligent, and relevant like stats
I'm gonna fracture your rapture just like last year
I'm a cashmere sweater vest pulling the wool over your eye
I'm the hopes and proves dad, news flash
I'm gonna move past any enemy's frontline
Want rhymes to be fresh all the time, not sometimes
Punk rhymes, I combine your style with a combine
Then jet with the help of a turbine
I'm spitting rhymes to the finish line
Plus I'm always on the incline, so I get mine…
([Double K:] Get yours… get yours… get yours… Smile-Oak… get yours, and I'll get mine, it's like that, y'all)

[Sung sample:] Smiley… I'm smiley… I'm smiley… smiley…

Like Jackie Joyner-Kersee, I flow fast and versed
Free from wackiness, this practice, I know you never tried it
It's apparent in your rhyming, I'll break you like a hymen
When you're climbing on the charts, I rip your rap apart
Put my foot right up your keister, I'm not a Sandinista
Or a contradiction ([Double K:] Hey, listen, man!) Listen:
Check my diction, your fiction is sure to have me twitching
And wishing you had skills to be flexing
When I get wrecked with my diction, it becomes my direction
To teach you a lesson, that's what professional means
It seems you're quite shallow, the beat soothes like aloe
So sit back, as I get back to linguistics, attentions is mandatory
And I'm warning morigans and faggots ([Double K:] Faggot ass.)
Show a mic and they grab it, but their monosyllabic vocabulary
Makes me very wary, stereotypical chicken-fools who never flex text
Here's my sack, who's next? You ain't fast ([Double K:] You ain't shit!)
I'm a linguistic mystic that riffs it with my crew
And know where Arnold's coming from, 'cause I want a Hummer, too
Bummer, dude, they're hard to come by, I unties are twisted
Let 'em slip and get blisters on their brain
I wish there was another to be slain by my verbal sword
When I strike an herbal chord, I amaze with my phrases
And get fools blazed… and daisy is my word

([Double K:] Get 'em blazed… Smile-Oak's word… ah, shit… third verse, like…)

[Sung sample:] Smiley… I'm smiley… I'm smiley… smiley…

Bippity-boppity-boo, I work the view, check out my 'do
I'm brown like you, who your moms? Tell her give me back my rhymes
'Cause she took my book, and now I can't drop bombs
Or awake your wack MCs with disease 'cause I'm the tightest
In three days, they'll all be dead, from wack-rhyme-aritis
Word to Midas, my touch is golden
I know when to stay, and I know when to fold, and I don't gamble
I just ramble on and on, wax like a candle, word to Daniel
Son, I wax on, fuck a cigarette, yo, I'm eating flan
I plan on making more mail than the tech budget on Tron
I was wrong to so much bolder than I truly am ([Thes One:] Truly are!)
I should move on, peeing on your shoulder, but I was watching ham
, bump it and bump it, and I got carried away, jeez
I'm very sorry, will you go out with me, please?
I got more rhymes than a three-dollar bag full of funk
But I can't figure out if that's good or if it's bunk
Is that a skunk that I smelled, what the hell died on stage?
([Double K:] What the fuck died on stage?)
Fuck this live shit, I'm going to a rave
([Double K:] The funk phenomenon, the funk phenomenon)
Syke! However, I endeavor to come clever on the mic
Fucked up, rolling bipedal, getting high
No lie… the whole world's my hoo-ride

[Sung sample:] Smiley… I'm smiley… I'm smiley… smiley…
([Double K:] Smile-Oak
[Thes One:] Smile-Oak
[Double K:] Yeah… matter if you want… you know what I'm saying…Smiley… in the area code… shit… you know…

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