Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Oh, yeah… real smooth…
[Thes One:] I-15… Going down…
[Double K:] Where we going? We gonna win all the money…

[Thes One:]
Two boys in the hood, number one with the bullet
Rap over rockstar beats that rock mullets
Nothing they like but to be legit
Jump up in Camaros, bumping Kiss and shit
I'm old like black T-shirts and tour dates
They dig electric guitars, we digging through the crates
I make the type of music that your mom pro'lly hates
Cussing for no reason, leaving food on my plate
Penetrate interstate, create a soundscape
Rock underground, never made a demo tape
Me and Double K player-hate, man, it feels great
On crews that belong singing the blues on Ricki Lake
Now, if it takes seven breaks chopped to make the beat
I'm not making my dinner 'til it's ready for the street
Complete use of my tools I rock in grade school
Sit and write a rhyme while my music smokes Kools
You know, the fools making the rules up in the game
People Under The Stairs, remember the name
The Next Step, Question, and a-O.S.T.
Los Angelino people making history
While other crews bleeding the P.U. to please stop
Me and Double chilling like truckers at rest stops
While other crews are struggling, trying to be the top
It's me and Double chilling like truckers at rest stops

[Double K:]
Hey, rhymes and basslines got the Dub feeling nice
Your album, to me, was like a gang of beer with no ice
Niggas be tough up on that microphone, I wish y'all'd leave it alone
Let me slide through the back door, just get it on my own
See, I'd set up shop, sorta like the lemonade stand
Picture me smoking, serving black dudes with just one hand
Making it simple for all the party people to bump
If the P was from the South, yo, all this shit would be crunk
Be Los Angeles styling, too wiling for my own good
Y'all used to claim in neighborhoods, see mine I'm taken
Cross borders without faking, forsaking niggas who front
Just watch you bitch, moan, and complain, while I smoke on this blunt
Dumping the ashes on your new shoes, steady giving the blues
'Cause I be creeping when you're having sex or watching the news
Don't get surprised… my man, you one of them live guys
You said it couldn't happen, "Double K don't be rapping"
Writing rhymes is like love letters, I put my heart in it
This game, I'm gonna win it, the fame, I'm gonna get it
By any means necessary, I'm gaining my props
I keep my beats inside a cage, yeah, the son of a 12-gauge
Fully loaded, ready to go, Saturday night pro
With the hardcore liquor in my cup to make it slicker
Even when I slur my words, the jams feel tight
And even when I'm mobbing too hard, my sag's just right
I'm sending shouts to Rosebud, Bishop Don, and my crew
We out like Pro Wings, yo, Thes One, what you gonna do?

[Thes One:] I'm just gonna keep driving, man. We gonna keep driving here.
[Double K:] Just keep going, we'll get there, don't worry about it.
[Thes One:] We got Cal Green in the back seat, he's knocked out.
[Double K:] Motherfucker
[Thes One:] We got Clay Wooten… and uh…
[Double K:] Yeah, man… we're gonna have a little bit of fun…
[Thes One:] Hey, you sure we gonna hit Las Vegas on this road?
[Double K:] Yeah, keep going… keep going…
[Thes One:] It's time to place a bet…
[Double K:] Yeah…
[Thes One:] Blackjack…
[Double K:] We gonna win all the money…
[Thes One:] For the locs…
[Double K:] Go in there and win some money, right?
[Thes One:] Yeah… There's a rest stop back there, we'll stop and have a smoke…
[Double K:] Yeah… smoke something…
[Thes One:] Drink something, man… Stretch our legs…
[Double K:] Got a little bit of vodka in the back… wino-style…
[Thes One:] Wino-style…
[Double K:] Gonna win all the money…

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