Holiday Party

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] Happy Christmas, Yoko.
[Spoken sample:] Happy Christmas, John.

[Thes One:]
A chill in the air gives a magical feel
Christmas lights, they twinkle and reflect off the windshield
As cars are pulling up, filled with family and friends
And the cards for the holidays, a special time again
At least in mine, the house has a faint smell of pine
At least wine, maybe eggnog, we sit down and dine close
Outside, the weather is cold, but around the table
A glass is raised to another year passed, we toast
Spread love and good cheer and decorate your tree
The ornaments are memories, remind us of our history
We unpack and hang up, then unpack our hang-ups with the family
And spend time, remind 'em that we're glad to be in their life
And you just sit back and reminisce
The hope of a young child's eyes on Christmas Eve
Laughin', watchin' Frosty chase the hat on the T.V.
Happy Holidays from me and Mikey T, 'cause...

[Sung sample:] The party's on
[Double K:] To the break of dawn
[Sung sample:] The feeling's here
[Double K:] So give Santa a beer
[Sung sample:] We're here tonight
[Double K:] We ain't goin' nowhere
[Sung sample:] And that's enough
[Double K:] Ya dig?
[Sung sample:] The party's on
[Double K:] To the break of dawn
[Sung sample:] The feeling's here
[Double K:] So give Santa a beer
[Sung sample:] Lift the glass
[Double K:] Cheers!
[Sung sample:] Ah, don't look down!
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime!
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime!
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime!

[Double K:]
The weather is chill, the vibe is nice
The family's all here, and we feelin' alright
The kids runnin' around, decorations everywhere
My grandma sits in her favorite chair
The hip hop jingles playin' in the background
All I want for Christmas is a dap and a pound
G.I. Joes for my brother, Tupperware for my moms
Got the red, gold and green for the dreads (yah, mon!)
([Sung sample:] Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding... [continues to end])
Got my sister some gear, and tapes for my cousin
Moms cooked with soul and the whole tribe's grubbin'
Hennessy and egg nog is flowin' like the Nile
The only time a grown man can go back and be a child
Well wishes, a pile of dishes, hugs and kisses
Lots of laughter while we all reminisce
'Tis the season, and we bring the Blue Cheer
From the P: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

[Rap sample:] Ho, ho, ho! "Merry Christmas" my foot!
[Rap sample:] Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!
[Spoken sample:] Guess what, y'all?
[Rap sample:] I'm Santa Claus...
[Rap sample:] I came to bring some Christmas spirit
[Rap sample:] I'm gettin' to old for this "Santa Claus" shit!

([Double K:] ...glasses.
[Thes One:] Yeah... Merry Christmas, y'all! [echoes])

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