Hit The Top

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top!
[Rap sample:] You don't stop…
[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top!
[Rap sample:] A funky beat, y'all!
[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top!
[Rap sample:] On and o-on…
[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top!
[Rap sample:] Rock that, y'all!
[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top! (x3)
[Spoken sample:] One, two, three, four, five!
[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top!

[Thes One:]
Ay-yo, Thes One, that's my name, watch and maintain
On stage, wrecking my brain to gain fame
The P's all-city, all-state, worldwide
Repping that real hip-hop, I make the people get live
And never died, Nas lied, I mack at the South Bronx
Roll around with Greg Nice, hearing the car honks
At Albee, now, we rock all over the world
For the superfly fellas and the fine young girls
Got respect for the old school, hit the bar like a pole vault
Hey, you don't know about the People, homes, well, that's your fault
And not mine, got wine chilling to celebrate
Yeah, we get props now, them shits is hella late
Elevate ([Double K:] Me!), I made it to album eight
Wait until I truncate, alcohol allocate, Alizé haters with Alligators
We make 'em pancake, when I hop you hop, homie, you don't stop
Body-roddy-rock, body shots of a hottie
Got drunk in the parking lot where homies'll spark a lot
My crew, snowboaders, skateboaders, get live, man
You know the party started when the People arrive
Like the 5 Jurassic, mic in my hands, a classic
Rocking my Vans, clocking the fans, feeling fantastic
That's it ([Double K:] That's it?), party people get loud
Double K, slow it down, I'm 'bout to jump in the crowd

[Both:] Party… Ha ha… To the beat, y'all (repeated loosely, overlapped)

[Double K:]
It's the return of the b-boys mashing, international
Y'all a fashion show, got the master glow, you can say "Sho' 'nuff!"
Roger that, you know the P's so rough
Coming from Tough City, I'm the thirty-three-and-a-third king
Boulevard rolling on stage, patrolling
The hand movements and drink consumption
The crowd is jumping, you know we up to something
Open your necks, fronting, while we backing it up
Tell your local town heroes, "Start packing it up!"
Been around the globe, girl, check the passport, punk
Raiding your record stores, bringing home the funk
And give it to those who can appreciate
That George Clinton on them Frosted Flakes, I feel great
Don't Tony me, Tiger, I'm a motherfucking rider
Go back to the corner with your crew and drink cider
They call me Dee Snyder, I'll twist your sister
Send her back home with a little charisma
We Ice Cube's Jheri-curl, y'all Jerry's kid
We the first 48, and y'all telling a fib
Who done it, who did it, who got it
Just give us two mics and a stage and we'll rock it
I bust raps like Herbie with my hand on my cock
Yo, Thes One, let's hit the top!

[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top!
[Rap sample:] Talking 'bout the band!
[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top!
[Rap sample:] Just for you!

[Sung sample:] Uh, let's hit the top! (x2)
[Rap sample:] You don't stop… uh… (repeats)

[Spoken sample:] First rule in beet sales: put the most attractive beets on top. The ones that make you pull the car over and go "Wow! I need this beet right now!"… Those are the money beets.

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