Highlighter #2

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal, Blewfoot & Kat Ouano

[Blewfoot:] Let's see what the fuck comes on…

[Len:] Do you like rap music? Real hip hop?
[Blewfoot:] Oh, shit!
[Len:] Do you like Niggaz With Attitude or Pet Benatar
[Blewfoot:] Oh, I know these niggas, man!
[Len:] Well, I've got something for you, and it's not gonna cost a lot of money. Featuring the hit songs "Electric Tookie"…
[Blewfoot:] Yeah, that shit's tight!
[Len:] "Uprock Boogie" or "Cookie's Theme"…
[Blewfoot:] Aw, nigga, I'm in the house!
[Len:] Recorded using only the finest in analog recording technology, it's Highlighter! The eighth album by People Under The Stairs. You're gonna love it. And if you really love Chaka Khan, you'll buy this the day it comes out. September 23rd... Highlighter! (echoes)
[Blewfoot:] Say, baby, People Under The Stairs is gonna be, uh… they gonna be up at the thing. I'll set the table the next time commercials come on…

[Thes One & Kat Ouano, singing:] Get yourself a funky Highlighter… (repeats)

[Blewfoot:] I need some popcorn. This popcorn good, man, shit… too bad the baby's asleep, he'd be gettin' some too!

[Len:] Highlighter! (echoes)

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