Good Co., Pt. 2 (feat. Raashan Ahmad) (unofficial title)

Written by: Raashan Ahmad, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] Uh, uh, uh, yeah!
[Double K:] Boom!
[Thes One:] I gotta send a fat shout-out and a big "thank you" to my girl Kat Ouano. She came through to lace this up. She played keyboards all over Fun DMC. Now, check this out, so did Ethan Parsonage, man. He played bass all over it, and in case you're not knowin', they're from a group called Crown City Rockers.
[Raashan Ahmad:] Crown City Rockers, baby!
[Thes One:] We go way back! I got my man, Raashan Ahmad, in the house. Check this out.

[Thes One:]
It's the G to the double-O D, C-O, you know
Good company b-boys runnin' the show
We Ethan and Kat, Max, Woodstock, Raashan
Crown City and the P are beyond the law
Legacy we sought considerably together
For ten years, making California sound the better
Now, I better let my brother tell ya better than me
Raashan Ahmad, get on the mic and MC

[Raashan Ahmad:] (Yo!)
See, we been on the grind with beats, spittin' rhymes
C.C.R., P.U.T.S., L.A., S.F.
The whole West fresh from the barbeque jam
Five created, celebrated by our world-wide fans
Good company, you should pump it, G
Melody in control with the rhythm and a soul
Ain't seen it before? Ask your man
About the legendary show for the July champs

[Thes One:] One-two, now you know
[Raashan Ahmad:] Alright, we doin' it
[Thes One:] The crew stay on the low
[Raashan Ahmad:] Good co. moving it!
[Thes One:] We make the people say… ho!
[Raashan Ahmad:] The people say HO!

[Both:] Well, there you go, like this, this, this, this.
[Thes One:] Uh, like this, this, this, we got that disco
[Sung sample:] Ah! Ooh!
[Thes One:] We bringin' the funk back
[Sung sample:] Ah!
[Raashan Ahmad:] Ooh!
[Thes One:] Fun DMC, September 30th!
[Sung sample:] Here it comes!
[Homies:] Here it comes!
[Thes One:] Here it comes!
[Homies:] Let it go, yo! We let it go!
[Thes One:] Let's go!

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