Give Love A Chance

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] Why don't we give love a chance? (x2)

[Double K:]
Yo, let the brother rap for a minute, let me get in it
Got some things I wanna speak about, the topics gonna creep about
And peep: a young man around twenty
Really, he ain't balling, basically, ain't got no money
There's nobody on his side 'cause his love is the ones and twos
Back and forth all night, making it right
Now, everybody in his cipher got something to say
"Ay-yo, you need to quit scratching, man, that shit won't pay!"
And pops kicked him out, put his tables on the street
Just 'cause he wasn't down with the ITT
But he knew they'd catch the vapors, one day or another
So he dropped his boy a "please" to take him down to his brother
Now, he cooling with his brother, but he bugging 'bout the papes
Ain't trying to hit the little club on Wednesdays and mix tapes
"That junk ain't paying no bills, who you trying to fool?"
So once again, this jockey Joe Blow is on the move
And now he's house-to-house, sleeping on the floor
With his jacket for a blanket, steady-thinking 'bout before
All he needed was his peeps to sit and watch him succeed
Nobody blows up overnight and every one of us need
Some kind of push and support, without that, you're sure to slip
Get to drinking and flipping, not thinking and always wishing
Yo, I got a solution, it's called "showing some love"
We all guilty of not doing it, you can hear it above, it's like…

[Sung sample:] We should take the time…
[Thes One:] To sit back, unwind, unbind your mind from the grind and…
[Sung sample:] Why don't we give love a chance?
[Sung sample:] Like you know you should

[Thes One:]
See, what the world needs now is love, hope, and support
Greed got 'em bleeding, teaching, making money for sport
And cash role models for all the little kids that love them Swizz Beatz
Shit, when I was young, I watched Sesame Street
To all you young b-boys: keep doing your thing
Don't let 'em tell you otherwise 'cause you ain't making no green
American cash machine keeps rolling with or without
We got a subculture to save, and I'll be damned if I shout
Some shit over tracks that's wack to make a fat stack of cheese
Hip-hop is my art, only myself I can please

[Double K:]
It doesn't matter what you wanna be, focus and move ahead
Make sure you do it for yourself and not off what some others said
'Cause when you go that way, it ain't from the heart
What we do is what we been doing from the start
Ain't making music for executives, sitting behing a desk
I tell them fools to eat a dick and bring it live to they chest
'Cause this is art that we created, you get paid with respect
A little patience and pride, and with that, you pose a threat
Take a heed, young brother, to the words I speak
Unless you wanna see your promos lying there in the street
'Cause money is man-made, and anytime, it can be gone
Just kick back, spark one up, and peep the words to the song

[Sung sample:] We should take the time…
[Double K:] To sit back, unwind, unbind your mind from the grind, ya…
[Sung sample:] Why don't we give love a chance?
[Sung sample:] Like you know you should

[Thes One:]
When push come to shove, I rise above, sort of
Keep my eyes, mind focused on the goal that is love
So when fans give it, I rip it, return it, earn respect
See, I'm in it for that and not a fat paycheck
On that C-note, you can quote Thes, 'cause I said it's true
Money doesn't equal happiness, no matter who smiles
Or piles checks, while I'm on the steps, drinking Beck's with my friends
Piecing our 40s 'cause we don't got ends
Memories like that, to me, are Los Angeles palm trees
Life landmarks telling me to see these at ease
My friends are worth G's, enemies can sit in pawn shops
I'mma worry about the riffing when the sunset stops
Listen to simple pleasures, the measures are always greater (what?)
Like Double K ripping Fatback upon a cross-fader
Little girls laughing and waiting for ice cream trucks
These images I wouldn't trade for a million bucks
So when chasing the goal gets rough and says "life sucks!"
Remember: the lining's silver and that's always good enough
So when chasing your goal gets rough and you lose steam
Count your blessings, my peoples, don't be so mean!

[Sung sample:] We should take the time…
[Spoken sample:] Don't be so mean!
[Sung sample:] Why don't we give love a chance?
[Spoken sample:] Don't be so mean!
[Sung sample:] We should take the time…
[Sung sample:] Why don't we give love a chance? (x2)
[Spoken sample:] I don't know…
[Sung sample:] Why don't we give…

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