Gamin' On Ya

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] (Where's my quarters?)
Creep with me, as I roll through the hood
Maniac lunatic, call me Mike Westwood
Controller in my hand, and I'm riding with CJ ([Rap sample:] Yeah…)
In the drop-top Brougham, yeah, give us some leeway (Yeah…)
We 'bout to hit the 110, and swoop up Toadstool
The homie Chubby Cherub (What's up, man?), they kicking it old school
She pass me a mushroom, see, she likes bad dudes
We stopped at Burger Time, I took the broad to the bathroom

[Thes One:]
When we go rolling through L.A., it's like George and Ralph
Two monsters stomping out fools, putting shit in their mouth
We climbing up buildings, grabbing necks on a Rampage
Punch a tank, eat a frank, make it to the land stage
And jump off, power up, Contra let the pump off
My sidegunner blow smoke like Spy Hunter
Rapping at the bar with the tap, and more drunk then a little
And you'll probably never see the ([Spoken sample:] Double Dribble!)

[Double K:]
Up, up, down, down, left, right
Hitting switches with my niggy, shadowing Inky all night
There goes my man Pinky, call him Speedy, he's the fast one
Talking 'bout that yellow creep that trying to be the last one
We'll put the bite on 'em, on a hunt for the duck
We the Gumshoe posse, so here's a quarter for luck
Don't spend it in one place, straight to Captain Video
We the Invaders in Space, on top like Commando

[Thes One:]
Let the banner fly ([Spoken sample:] You didn't qualify) on that race tip
We Arkanoid, breaking bricks, trying to find the mothership
I stay on my grind like ([Spoken sample:] Paperboy!) out in the streets
Hit the backspin, break up the fight, turn to Altered Beast
Werewolf and Double Dragon, on the creep like Shinobi
I'm walking like Simon, after dark, you don't know me
In the Streets of Rage, while you and Ken kicking your car
With six shields, Red-Five, leader on your Death Star
([Spoken sample] Yahoo!
[Spoken sample:] You're all clear, kid!)

[Double K:]
Man, I got these sweatpants on, breathing fire
Been drinking all night, I'm a Russian for hire
Gemerov Karnowski, that's what they call me
Got a page from Bart and Snake, some Yankee's in the army
They said SNK wasn't paying, so I'm parlaying
To the P.O.W. camp, here's my Zelda lamp
Rush-and-attack plan in effect, now everything's moving slow
Operation Wolf screeching into RC Pro
[Double K with spoken sample:] Gamin' On Ya!

[Spoken sample:] Yeah, that's… woah, that's good, man…

([Party person:]Yeah, you get crack then)
[Blewfoot:]And she hit me, then I smoke in some mo', and played ping-pong all that night, man, so… if anybody over here wanna challenge me in a game of ping-pong, I whoop a nigga ass in ping-pong. Gimme some dust, I'll do a better job! Yeah, so that shit happen.

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