Fun DMC Press Promotional Mix

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] Check, one-two, one-two… hey, what's going on, everybody out there, all my press homeboys, homegirls… this is Thes One from People Under The Stairs, and uh, we know you get a lot of music coming through, and uh… you probably get a lot of people that don't really care about what you guys are doin'… and uh… we're on the same boat right now, you know what I'm saying? So we figured we would just go ahead and personalize this. Send it out to you straight, regarding our new record, Fun DMC, by People Under The Stairs. It's our sixth record, we've been doing this for ten years now. It's our ten year anniversary; we're still pumping along, and uh… you know, we just wanted to get it out to you with a little bit of the story behind it, and uh… it's kind of an interesting record. It's about… pretty much 50% field recording out in South Central, 50% in the studio, and we just tried to, uh, bring the party vibe and what's happening in L.A. right now, and uh… and actually put a record out that has a context, and a geographical, you know, so you hear it and you know it's from L.A. So uh… yeah, me and Double K are gonna run you through this. Enjoy. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Balin, and we will have the whole album available online with a flash player. You can check that out, uh… People Under The Stairs, Fun DMC. Enjoy.
([Around the time Thes says "50% field recording", the party people start chanting:] Fun D-M-C, we love Fun DMC! (repeats) )

Swan Fever plays from 0:15 to 2:40 (almost the whole song)
[Double K voiceover:] Greetings, greetings… this is Double K. Peace, everybody… I'm from the group People Under The Stairs and this is a snippet of our new album called Fun DMC. We picked the title, first of all, because, uh… when me and my man, Thes One, are on stage, we're having big fun, and we love fun hip hop, and that's what hip hop was all about back… so we gonna take you back, just a little bit, and I think the title is, uh, very appropriate for that. I hope you guys enjoy this, uh… this first song here… the first song off the album, Step Bacc… and this song here is, uh… basically, going back to the roots of hip hop… you know, some good fun scratchin', really hard core breaks, and some… good ol' Run DMC-type rappin', back and forth, you know?

Step Bacc plays from 0:00 to 3:10 (whole song)
[Double K voiceover:] Boom. Aite, I hope you dug that… the second one is called "Up Yo Spine and Around Your Neck". This is our follow up to a song called "Fishbucket". We had Part 1, Part 2; this is Part 3. Once again, some fun hip hop, on stage, rocking, posing and doin' all kind of cool stuff that, you know, they were doin' back in the day. That's what we're about. We're trying to bring that back. Not all in your face like that, but we're gonna keep doin' it, you know what I mean? Dig this…

Up Yo Spine plays from 0:00 to 2:17 (2/3rds of the song)
[Double K voiceover:] I know the good folks at the magazines and on the web sites, you know… I know you guys get hit with mad music, and a lot of it… sucks, you know what I mean? I'm- I'mma be real cool about it, but a lot of it sucks. Nobody cares about you guys, so… that's why we're doing this, just to explain a little bit. Now, this next song, "Party Enemy Number 1"… really no need to explain it… it's just back to the old… you know, the roots, the basics, gettin' down… partyin'!

Party Enemy No. 1 plays from 0:00 to 3:12 (whole song)
[Thes One voiceover:] I think one of the things that I'm most proud of with this record… I mean, amongst… you know, aside from the fact that I feel like this is the best record we've ever made, by far, is the fact that we've captured a lot of the, um… the spirit and the character of what's happening right now, uh… you know, especially over off 52nd and Vermont, where a lot of this was recorded… in the characters and the people that make L.A. special… make L.A. what it is, and what it was before the spotlight got shifted over to a lot of what was happening, you know… in sorta the… in sorta the "hip" scene or what's going on out there, but there's… there's people that live here and there's a story, you know, um… ex-gang members, gang members, uh… Latin dudes, you know what I'm sayin', like… barbeques, dominoes… all of that, and… and I feel really good about what we were able to capture here, and it's what's going on right now. All of this was recorded, you know, in the last couple of months, and we… we tried to rush to get it out to you, you know, and there's incredible people that were involved with it, like, uh… OG Rick, you know, they call him, from… they call him "Big OG Rick" from South Central Madness, The Psychos…

[Big OG Rick:] Hold on, nigga… Naw… Naw, I didn't check the other dude… They lookin' all like they wanted… I'm all up on them. But see, the cold thing, though? I tell Mike about it, he wanna go kick in the door now! He mad now!
[Double K:] Yeah.
[Big OG Rick:] Mike mad! What interrupt… how they gonna try to treat you like that? I don't know. See, they didn't understand, see? I was on stage!
[Double K:] Dig it…
[Big OG Rick:] With the People Under The Stairs.
[Double K:] Right.
[Big OG Rick:] My motherfuckers.
[Double K:] Yeah.
[Big OG Rick:] They ain't knowin' that. But I'm a celebrity too, motherfuckers… sign my shit!
[Double K:] Shut 'em down, yes!
[Big OG Rick:] They don't understand. Sign my shit! Sign my shit!
[Thes One:] That's right, Rick!
[Big OG Rick:] You know what I'm sayin'?
[Thes One:] Poplockin' on stage with the…
[Big OG Rick:] You motherfuckin' right! And… and everybody's momma was likin' that shit… now, Redman, you got saved by the bell, motherfucker, but you signed my shirt, and the next time I see you? The next time y'all come out here and want on stage with us, I'm bringing the shirt you signed, motherfucker. So you'll know who I am.
[Thes One:] Psycho Rick.
[Double K:] Psycho Rick.
[Big OG Rick:] Nigga, Psycho Rick, South Central Madness, motherfucker! WEST SIDE!

[Double K:] Now, this song here, "The Barbeque"… "Another Barbeque"… we call it "another" because on our last album, we had a song similar to this. We were talking about partying, barbequing and drinking… but that's what we love to do here in L.A., 'specially in the summertime, you know? It's all over the place, and uh… here's our ode to that. Dedicated to the first of every month… and the 15th… and EBT cards…

Anotha' (BBQ) plays in its entirety
[Thes One voiceover, in final music segment, before Blewfoot monologue:] We also got my man, Blewfoot, all over the record, he's a… another OG that goes way, way back, and uh… you know, it's… it's an honor to have him on the record with us…

The Ultimate 144 plays from 0:00 to 1:10 (through to "Walk This Way")

[Double K:] You'll notice in the back of these songs… in the background, you hear a lot of partying. This is not a studio party, where we get a couple people in there, and record it a bunch of times, and sound like a party. This is a real party, recorded in a backyard in South Central Los Angeles at a good friend's house. Set up, got the vibe goin', got the beer flowin' and all the drink… people having a good time, and we hit "record". And uh… got it on sync, people clapping their hands, you know… doin' the real thing that people do here in L.A., and just having a good time. Unfortunately, the day after we recorded that, a young man was shot on the same street. It's real.

Gamin' On Ya plays in its entirety

[Double K:] Now, this song here is "The Wiz". This, uh… this song was inspired by our th… our… our trip down to Australia, uh… this past… well, it was summer down there, it was winter here in the States… and we had so much fun, like we always do when we go down there, and we came back, and we wrote a song about it. Then we went back, and we filmed a video, so check this out…

The Wiz plays from 0:00 to 2:16 (through to "At L.A., Perth to Melbourne" in Thes' verse)

[Double K:] This next song is featuring a very good, dear friend of People Under The Stairs, Odell Johnson. He was on our album "O.S.T.", and also, he was on "Stepfather". And he's back… with "The Rhythm of All People"

People Riddum plays from 0:01 to 3:28 (almost the whole song)
[Double K voiceover:] Y-y-y-y-y-yo! Yeah, man, it's Double K, People Under The Stairs. I'm here with Thes One, he just ain't talking to y'all right now, We back! Fun DMC, September 30th… you wanna check out more? Go to, ya dig? We're back! Scratch, rap, breakdancin', graffiti, all of it! It's all there.

[Thes One:] So, there it is. Couple of tracks, a couple of instrumentals, a couple of bits and bobs from People Under The Stairs. Fun DMC. You can check out, we're gonna have a media package there, everything you need. Nicole can give you that info, and uh… man, if we're out on the road, we're gonna be tourin'. We're doing the whole nation, um… so we got the, uh… tour dates up there. Holler at us, man, w-w-we love to do interviews. We love to sit down, drink a beer and just-just… let's talk about what's going on right now, and uh… you know, since you patiently sat through this, here's a song that's definitely NOT gonna be on the record:

Rick James, The B-Boy From Buffalo YouTube clip plays from 0:43 to 1:31 (Souls Of Mischief & Gangstarr skits)
[Thes One voiceover:] Oh yeah, look out for that, uh… "Rick James", too… look out for the "Rick James", uh… "B-Boy From Buffalo!"… YouTube…

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