Foolish People

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] Foolish people try to get me high (x3)
[Foolish Person #1:] Hey, man, I know you heard the P's gonna be in town tonight, right? Yeah, cool, so look… I scored some DMT and acid… We're gonna go to their hotel and smoke out and listen to beats. Wanna go? Cool, let's go, man… rad... Ah, here it is, right here, man. Hey, we'll see 'em come out the front or something- oh! There's Thes One, right there! Hey, Thes One! Hey, bro! Hey, we know you're kinda busy, but just wanna come smoke this blunt with us, man? It'll be great!

[Thes One:]
I appreciate the gesture… no really, though
I'mma pass on your boy's slimy-ass Philly, bro
Fo sho it's the chronic, I got it, it's not your fault
Just eight hippies hot-boxin', freestylin' in a Cobalt
I'll take a raincheck, those beats in your tapedeck
Sound great, but I'm out, dude, I'm late for my soundcheck
Now how the hell they know
Where we was staying at, and where we playing at?
They waiting for us, beatboxing in the Taurus
They're trying to smoke backstage, man, I can hear it
They in the green room, they smoke American Spirits
Talkin' 'bout "Where's Double K?", all up in my deli tray
"Where you guys from? The Bay? Oh, you from L.A.?"
Normally, I let my L.A. straight regulate
I give these fans some leeway, fuck, I gotta tolerate
But something ain't right, they're rubbing beards and lookin' fishy
They're pulling out peyote, DMT, and some LSD
Fuck it, I'mma leave the green room and let 'em be
The show's in thirty minutes, man, I gotta MC

[Double K:] Ah, boom… boom boom, yo, what's up, Thes? Man, where you goin'? Okay, you goin' out there? Okay… I'm 'bout to go back here and smoke one minute and chill out. Aight. I'll check you out out there at the bar, man. Dewrit!

[Sung sample:] Foolish people try to get me high (x2)
[Sung sample:] I'll be…
[Rap sample:] Do it! (scratched and repeated)
[Rap sample:] Put six tabs in your O.E.!
[Rap sample:] Don't do it! (Do it!)

[Double K:]
I was backstage, chillin' at a show somewhere
With a couple of honeys and some hippies with long hair
You know, choppin' it up, talkin' 'bout the town
One walked in with drinks and started passing 'em around
Asked if I wanted acid, I said "Not now.
Can't be trippin' on the books, dude, that's not a good look."
So I downed the drink like a dummy and then stepped
To check out the crowd, it's about to go down
Twenty minutes later, it's about that time
For me and the homie to go and bust some rhymes
But wait a minute, man! Something don't feel right
I got a strong urge to dance, and I can't feel my hands
The lights are real bright, the sound man's a dolphin
I'm thinking to myself, "This doesn't happen too often."
Lost in a tie-dyed stage of rage
It wasn't 'til I started rapping that I figured out what happened
On to the next song and it was all wrong
I put my hand over my heart and sang "Hits From The Bong"
Fifteen minutes straight, man, no one could relate
They came to see the P, but now all they got is me
High off LSD or DMT (Oh, no!)
Now I'm on the front page of somebody's weekly (Oh, no!)
The show went on, and people thought it was fly
But watch them foolish-ass people, they'll try and get you high!
(Goddamn, this is so unfair!)

[Sung sample:] Foolish people try to get me high (x2)
[Double K:] Aw, man. I'm fucking tripping balls right now. Yo, did I really sing "Hits From The Bong" on stage? Shit, fucking high as shit, man. Ah, man, I need to chill out, dude, yo… Yo yo, aw, man. Leave me alone, man. Get away from me, man. I'm fucking high right now.

[Sung sample:] But I don't wanna go…
[Double K:] I don't wanna go, just leave me alone, y'all…
[Sung sample:] But I don't wanna go…
[Double K:] I'm high. I'm tripping balls right now, man…
[Sung sample:] But I don't wanna go…
[Double K:] I'mma get those hippies when I see 'em, man!
[Sung sample:] But I don't wanna go…

[Rap sample:] Plant tabs on my tongue so my thoughts can grow… (echoes)

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