Fly Love Song

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] It's the Fly Love Song…

[Double K:] Yeah, yeah, yeah… what's up?
[Thes One:] I looked in the mirror the other day, man… saw a grown-ass man… Thinking to myself, man, "What the hell?"… hanging out, sitting on the porch, make beats… I'm still buying records… I play video games… you know what I'm saying? Grown-ass man.
[Double K:] Uh huh? Yeah. Uh huh… Okay… Word, word, word, word, word…. Yeah, hell yeah… so?

[Thes One:] Got a girlfriend and all…
[Double K:] Oh, okay, okay…
[Thes One:] Not go another four, man…
[Double K:] Yeah, well, you know, I mean, shit…
[Thes One:] Having a real hard time balancing it…
[Double K:] Word?
[Thes One:] Know what I mean?
[Double K:] Yeah.
[Thes One:] Think you're suave, but… I may not know how to do it, man…
[Double K:] I said this… this is no big deal, man.
[Thes One:] I mean, you know… if you could just let me know, like, how you do it and all…
[Double K:] What can I tell you?
[Thes One:] This is you, you know what I'm saying…
[Double K:] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…
[Thes One:] I'll just keep making these beats, I don't know...
[Double K:] I mean, tell me what's up, man, tell me what's up…
[Thes One:] Check it out…

[Thes One:]
Never been the type-a cat to need a lot
Couple of crates, a few beats to rock ([Double K:] Alright…)
I spent my time hanging with the homies on the block
Freestyling, drinking beer, making jokes a lot (ha ha, ha ha)
I take it all for granted, or at least it seems
Held it down while I chased my rap dreams
Had schemes for romancing, lose my chance when
I'd rather make a beat than put on slacks and take her dancing
Travelling overseas and never calling home
Spending anniversaries on cell phones
Now that I'm around, polling it down on her suggestions
'S about becoming stable, man, I need to pay attention to her needs
But indeed, my music calls me, and I come running like a she
One big apology, my homie, I can't seem to see
A healthy balance between hip hop, hard beats, picnics, and Hennessy
Long walks by the sea and time with my MPC
Rhymes, breakbeats, rose petals, and poetry
I'm just trying to be me, man, I love her
And losing her is something I can't see
'Cause with her, I can be…

[Double K:] Ay-yo, my mellow, my man, you sound kinda confused… you're mixing it up, you got the wrong ingredients… you need this kind of juice right here…
[Thes One:] Word? Check it out…
([Sung sample:] This is just…)

[Double K:]
I'm the mayor of Stroke City, president of The Hump
I'm a fan of pretty ladies, funky music, and bubbly
But a brown-skinned breezy'll turn my day hard to easy
Candlelight and Buddha sacks, baby, don't take much to please me
And I tell you, my friend, I met my match the other night
Higher than a constellation, crusing on a smooth bike
I'm a mack like Donald, so I creep and I talk
Jumped off the two-wheel rider, so me and baby can walk
Long story on the short tip, I put it in the socket
Shooting for the chance for her to put my picture in her locket
Oh yeah, I'm romantic, so I walked her home
Told her, I couldn't wait to get her on the phone
We all alone in front of her house, giggling and having a time
Ol' girl was elegant, asked me in for wine
My reply was fine, I was right behind
Exactly where I wanted to be, nobody loved it like me
Gave a toast to her beauty and touched her cheek lightly
Politely, I knew that later, she'd excite me
This might be the best time in her little life
Chilling with a stone-cold player, he does it right
Some girls, they like niggas, some girls, they like dudes
But they all love Double K, let the story conclude
We was getting pretty tipsy and a little more touchy
Feeling in closer, keeping warm like a toaster
I'm supposed to get it, so I got it good
The overweight loving that made her say, "My hood!"
We had a lot in common, homie, and here's the only vice
It had to do with lots of loving, and yo, it ain't nothing nice

[Double K:] …and then I went home and made a beat!
[Thes One:] Word!
[Double K:] You know what I mean?
[Thes One:] Yeah, hell yeah…
[Double K:] Just… you gotta… combine both of the two…
[Thes One:] Mm-hm, yeah, okay…
[Double K:] And what you get is a fly love song at the end, you know what I mean? C'mon, man, let's drink this beer…

[Double K:] It got to do with lots of loving
[Thes One:] It ain't nothing nice (repeated and improved)
([Sung sample:] This is just… [repeated])

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