Fiesta (Bloquera)

Written by: Christopher Portugal, Alex Newman, Jamaan McLaren, Sir Kado & Superbrush 427

[Superbrush 427:]
(Please help me translate this, I don't speak Spanish…)

[Sung sample:] Hey… Hey… Hey yah!

Join and gather 'round in the square of the town
Poppin' party ells we found for fiesta with the sound
Many feet stompin' the ground, feel the music 'cause it pounds
Makin' everybody clown, jigglin' booties gettin' down
Jump into my happy dance from my b-boy stance
Pull the heiney by the hand is our main game plan
Getting' hot around this land, people pullin' out their fans
Comes imported like cerveza, those mariachi bands
Strummin' those guitars and workin' them accordions
Harmonics from the horns, time to tip and sip my 40, and
Move to the groove, that's when I start noticing
The flyest farm girls giggin' with me and my friends
Plenty ears and eyes, this joint is quite live
Santa Rosalia, Mulegé girls and guys
Together like a tribe and surely feeling the vibe
All bumpin' into somethin' 'til the end of the night

[Sung sample:] Hey… Hey… Hey yah!

I heard the news on the radio, coming through in stereo
Super-duper hot shit tonight, yo, who wanna go?
Whole town coming from each and every barrio
Got my eyes open, now I'm scoping for Rosario
Or flargria, buyin' senoritas margaritas
Pacificos for my bros, holding down the speakers
Checkin' for the chicas with the regal features
From the spot up in the bleachers, getting' down upon the heaters
Yo, it's goin' off, big fun like big sun
Get drunk, act dumb, why not? I'm still young
Mackin' to the ladies, but I'm waving the wrong tongue
Doesn't really matter 'cause my chatter gets 'em all sprung
May see ins in, ain't nobody trippin'
Get some crazy looks, but the posse keeps rippin'
Tell the band to keep kickin'
And if they need a hand, then let my man start spittin'

[Sung sample:] Hey… Hey… Hey yah!

Gettin' down on the floor, yo, we not gon' leave
Even when it's so packed, you need a snorkel to breathe
So I'm foggin' up my lens, rockin' two left fins
And when the music ends, some honey's gonna get the bends
'Cause I'm coming, coming up in the wave the next day
Vamanos on the coast of L.A., but hey
For now, no b-boy stance or val solamente
Merengue or salsa fresco, fiesta!

[Thes One:]
Hit the dance floor, don't scuff my boots
Belt buckle shine so bright, blind the youth
Peacock feather in the side of my hat
Black silk shirt with the beer hen on the back
Cop a Tecate and flash the cash
Girls play me close to check the mustache
Back and forth, back and forth all night
Ranchers act up and catch the fist fight
The lady in the all-white dress caught my eye
Tipped the hat from afar to say, "Hi!"
Jump in the truck, Cal sticker on the side
Bumpin notenas, I lost my ride
Got a 50-watt six-by-nine inside a box
Pair of bamagoose, not a Magnavox
Whole town talks like in feelin my body
Post by the taco stand and get blunted!

Meet a senorita, introduce her to my peter
In my arms, in my charms, she melts like quesadillas
I'mma juice her like a mango, take her to the tango
Spittin' that Spanglish, got my tongue tangled
But she was so acceptin', press her to my chest, and
I'm marzen like fresh pan, show her who's the best man
Put her on the roster, take her to mi casa
Sleep until mañana siesta… fiesta!

[Sung sample:] Hey… Hey… Hey yah!

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