Feels Good

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] ...day, August 13th. The church bells have begun to peal all over the city of Los Angeles. Every church in the town, ringing its bell to welcome the lighting of the flame that'll burn throughout the game. (echoes)

[Rap sample:] You know the feelin' when things ain't right...
[Spoken sample:] Just another day in L.A., right?
[Rap sample:] You know the feelin' when things ain't right...

[Double K:] ([Spoken sample:] I'm feeling good...)
Ay... It feels good to be alive
It feels good to get high
It feels good to show love to the most high above
But these streets can be heartless
Involved in the beef, I didn't start this
From the fake, I'm the farthest
Slipped and bumped head
17 shots, they wanted a nigga dead
Was it something I said or the way that I look?
I was born this way, it doesn't mean I'm a crook
Yo, I wanna feel good to be alive
And I just wanna chill and get high
I guess words are louder than action
I do it everyday, and to life, I pay taxes
Pass the Grey Goose, and watch the brother smash this
No practice, rabbit-out-a-hat trick
So everyday I breathe another goal to achieve
And to the most high: I feel good, baby!
To my dank high: thank you, baby!
Word to Bernie Worrell, another story to tell
Word to Billy, I'm an island, to the vibes we sail
Took an "L" and a fail, I hug my trumpet, so fuck it
L.A. River drive, feelin' good in the sky
Let the negativity ride, the positivity rise
The positivity rise...

[Thes One:] ([Rap sample:] Damn, it feels good...)
Duck, duck, bubblegoose, leakin' chartreuse heart juice
On the corner, the owners from Flatline
Coroner's on overtime, the blind eye, it stays turnt
It's lit, bruh, both ends of the candle, they gettin' burnt
The system, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers
Children tangled in this deep web wilderness, nobody with 'em
No visible path, worldwide, we 35th in math
But number one with the memes, now witness dank dreams crash
I built these Icarus wings out of the ash of the industry
But instead of Crete, I escaped the street
Into the clouds, carried by wax, I got high
The sun was my son, reminded me I couldn't fly
Far enough out of this innocence, modern currency for pleasure
Once stolen, you never recover the treasure
Let's face it: could spend your whole life tryin' to replace it
A carrot on a stick, quick now, go 'head and chase it
Trying to catch that feeling, a treadmill, who would've thunk
I jumped into a bottle, trying to find it, and I sunk
Now, here we are, some stoners, addicts, and grown drunks
And not a single one of us feels good. Now, ain't that fucked?
At least until the next fix, binge-watch Netflix
Life's Tetris, trying to escape the blocks
And keep stackin' 'til ya hit the top, they say
Ya don't stop 'til ya hit the top, they say
It feels good...

[Rap sample:] You know the feelin' when things ain't right... (repeated)


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