Empty Bottles Of Water

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Alright, hot light… destiny's crib? Hahaha… aw, shit, man… check it… peep this out… ([Double K:] I think that track fit… We Are The World… too much of this stuff…)

[Double K:]
Main, sitting alone's crazy, sometimes amazing
Physical on the couch, but mentally, yo, I'm grazing in the grass
Staring through the glass filled with time
Just hanging in the air, but it really ain't there
My rhyme was dope, a couple seconds ago
Couldn't even peep my own flows, sometimes that how it goes
Don't even catch myself when I'm wandering 'round the Badlands
Being the bad man, looking for a lid in hand
You probably think I'm bugging when I say that I'm the president
And all these other dudes are hesitant
I got the answer to everything, it's all in how the door swings
Your way or that way out there, I'm right there
Purple hills and purple pills are for people who probably
Never permanently tried to get live, you lied
Pre-paid hip-hop taking over the two jeep
But this marijuana I'm smoking steady take heed
And every time I blow, she tell me something she knows
A very good listener, we rap back-to-back
And rat-pack shorties is always telling a story
They too busy watching Glory and Belly
Wishing for a celly with the flip-down talk switch, just to pop shit
But this group I came with, we on some rock 'n' roll shit
Psychadelic paragraphs, I might be thinking too fast
Answers in the form of a… my brother, don't ask
Half the time I don't know, it make sense and then it don't
I grab ahold and let go 'cause it's all for show
And when the curtains come down, I'm still giving a pound
With the same frown as Mike T with the pro sound
And the know-how, I think I go now and wonder how
That bottle that looked full was really empty

[Thes One:]
We got forty bottles of water empty up on the wall
Spinning around like an R&B singer under a waterfall
Releasing the souls trapped inside, neglected record
Translating to rap, capped loop to five
The second to sequence the frequencies with ease
Moving through the cosmos, remembering the breeze
With the sound of the whispering leaves in an endless forest
Where lives are won and lost beneath every tree
Stand in it, the infinite expansive mind dance
And catch an overnight flight to France to water the plants
I travel to a beach where each and every wave
Sounds like an Ultimate Breaks and Beats
And the streets are paved with slip mats
Sitting in cafés with hip cats in cantinas in Lima
Drinking a six-pack, then get back to my life where I'm at
Turning on my porch light, cleaning of my welcome mat
So stop by sometime, we'll drop a rhyme or two
And sit up on the porch and drink a cold brew
Watching the sunset as it moves through the haze
We can melt into the music of Los Angeles Daze
The sun raised the morning of praise, the warning of ways changing
I'll probably see you there and won't…
Letting my mind zone, touching you in your own home
Transglobal like Mobil or a corporate affair
To the dome: peace, split home pieced
The parental release slip is signed, I rhyme while I field trip

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