Thes' El Rey Freestyle II

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] Yo, check this out…
One time for you, I'mma freestyle for the whole show
I already rocked shit for the front row
And everybody knows that this show is your way to go off
Go ahead and drink beer at the bar
Everything you do, you know we're willing and able
Double on the turntable, J at the merch table
Go and buy a shirt like Ernie and Bert
We fuckin' hang… L.A., aite? For your brain
It's like this, this, you don't stop
Like d-d-d-d-dis, you don't stop
People in the front row, you don't stop
People un the fuckin' back, you don't stop
Mark Luv, motherfuckin' he don't stop
Ugly Duckling, everybody, you don't stop
Cut Chemist in the building will not be stopped
Zulu, everybody, they don't stop, check it, yo…
Double, Double, Double, Double
Double, one time, one time for your mind like this
His name is Big Mike, and my name is Chris
And I came here, just to rock for you
So throw your fuckin' hands up, I'll take off my shoe
Throw your fuckin' hands up, I'll take off my shoe
What the fuck I'm doin'? Yo, I don't know, it's cool
From the South to the East to the… to the…
A-yes, yes, y'all, a fab freak, y'all
Uh, yes yes, it's so unique, yo… yo, yo, ch-chill
Let me put my shoe back on.

What we're trying to do… give you a little flavor of, like, the kind of shit we used to do in the bedroom, man. You know, we used to just chill, hang out, play records, fat freestyle… whatever the hell… y'all know what I'm talkin' about? You don't know? Y'all smoke weed in the bedroom? What do y'all do?

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