Thes' El Rey Freestyle I

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:]
Yeah, yeah, he good, he good, yeah
Y-y-y-yeah, one, two, three, now…
A lot of times, I freestyle at this part of the show
So here's a fuckin' freestyle for my people, the front row
Everything I do is, like, skinny and fat
My man got the motherfuckin' purple hat
Now, give it up… now, see how I rock for all of you
People Under The Stairs is the name of the crew
Every time we go, we pop a nickel plus a dub
Ugly Duckling, Cut Chemist, and Mark Luv
Yo, we don't want to be, uh, left behind
I give you back your hat and I will
[Double K:] Blow your mind
[Thes One:] Yo, we don't want to be, uh, left behind, I said we rep L.A.
[Double K:] Just to blow your mind
[Thes One:] But we don't want to be, uh, left behind
I love everyone here, and, uh
[Double K:] We came to blow your mind
[Thes One:] I said we don't want to be left behind, yo
[Both:] We gonna blow your mind!

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