Electric Tookie

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] Okey dokey!

[Double K:] Ay-yo, Thes, man. You know I never talk to you about anything, right? ([Thes One:] Mmm.) But yo, remember back in the day, Thursday nights, late Eighties, you'd come home, do your homework (Yeah), all your favorite shows was on? It was so clear…

[Everybody:] Sitcom, nine o' clock
Thursday night, it's something to watch

[Thes One:]
You can stop thinking, Keep It Simple, Stupid
The chubby one brought some shit you love, cupid
You like how I did that little pause? ([Double K:] Pause.)
This ain't a game, I came to reboot the mainframe computer
Coming on the servers like Hooters take my order
Recorders rejoice for my voice and call Reuters and the AP
I may be liquored, tipsy for your taste
The Tempranillo to the face that makes my brain baste
And kinda soaked and kinda yoked like Tookie in the Eighties
Around the same time I played hooky with the ladies
At Peck Park, got my first feel-up in the Skylark
I guess it's neither here-nor-there like hip hop, a dying art
Shot through the heart, now all a-y'all to blame
You're probably downloading while I'm writing my refrain
You beat me to the punch like Don Flamenco
You found rap's Ringo, hey, here's a hot single and a cookie
Now, speaking of Tookie, the beat's electric
The P's a gang who came to straight party, not set trip
Not Cedric, not Sinbad, but it's a different world
All you with me, Whitely? We drop the beat and rock the girls

[Everybody:] Sitcom, nine o' clock
Thursday night, it's something to watch

[Double K:] (Ha!)
Yeah, mon, I'm 'bout to get my fade on
Mike T, the "Ill"strand, we smoke it out the Coke can
I can be anything I want
Wizard of Finance or MC Pon de Dance
Give me the rough firewater and stuff
Roll out the green carpet with your dearly departed
From the rest onstage, pumping Ron Forchess
Tony Danza smile, or the JR Ewing
Go back and get Winnie, she could give me a chewin'
Right on time, but I'm late for the gathering
Showing up early to peep all the chatter
Then 8:30, sorry, I gots to be out
You hit the couch with a cold can, remote in my hand, oh!
There's Fred and Rollo in TV, Land of the Lost
Who's the Boss? Scott Baio, ay, man
Whether cable TV or satellite
Reruns of "Dyn-o-mite!", this is Thursday night
Whether cable TV or satellite
"Live from L.A., this is Thursday Night!" (echoes)

[Everybody:] Sitcom, nine o' clock
Thursday night, it's something to watch

[Sung sample:] Sha La La Laaa…

[Man #1:] Tudie, man… you got a fine woman there, man…
[Man #2:] You schemin' on his girl, man!
[Man #3:] You schemin' on my girl, man?
[Man #2:] He's schemin' on her!
[Man #3:] You schemin' on my girl?
[Man #2:] He's schemin' on your girl, man. You better stop…
[Man #1:] I'm not schemin' on your girl, man… I don't know, man…
[Man #3:] Don't talk about my girl…
[Man #1:] Naw, naw, she cool though… She cool. Everybody- She look good. Everybody thinks she look good.
[Man #3:] You dissed my girl.

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