E Business (feat. JazMak)

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal & Andre Satchel

[JazMak:] Yo, huh?… I just want to know if, uh… You ever had a dream, you were pissing? Woke up, and uh… you were pissing? Yeah? Get a brand new bag of our own… We're… Undisputed Champs… I'm JazMak… watch:

JazMak, the L.A. hip-hop Phantom Menace
Rip your crew to finish, the records I blemished
The one and only young brother with nothing to prove
Except for myself, that's why I'm making some moves
Don't be a fool, little dude, rap is worth its while
Keep your lyrics tight and make you listen and smile
But the real test: to keep the crowd impressed
We got the Lyrics To Go, like A Tribe Called Quest
And keep your mind on the up-and-up, you'll go real far
Don't worry about my crew, we know exactly who we are
We are the Undisputed Champs, so fuck what your squad say
Kicking dope shit for your moms and your padre
Whether Jaz or Andre, you'll remember the name
My words will live forever 'cause you know I got fame
Pussy-ass wack niggas going out like Blaine
One trip through the Heights, you would never be the same
And in this game, we're not uplifting the kid
Just out lifting the fizz, and then we handle our biz
Until the next time, I'mma let you speak
Fuck where you come from, that's where I take my leaks!
[All:] Fuck where you come from, that's where I take my leaks! (x4)

[Thes One:]
I smash in the media marker, crash in the darker
Bring forth the lighter, light up the beedi, inhale
Stale writers prevail in 1999
So I collaborate with the greatest of all times
Write on rhymes, true to what I know, I stick to
Who said it was all glitz, I exhale, this shit is stale
Old beedis are like new hip-hop, so when I stop to think
I cop a drink, and then drop myself on the porch
Picked up the torch, young Olympic runner under fire
Like a tail-gun, enough heat to compete with summer
So don't sweat it, crews dread it like ([Double K:] Yea, mon)
And jerk chickens sicken when they see us start sprinting
Recalling monotheist ideas, wishing God would save 'em
Heal the wounds they gave 'em, finish 'em off soft, bless
Then raise 'em to heaven, but they left eleven like
"Man, I should have seen it coming."
My battle uniform decorated like the drum and residents
Evidently 'nuff pressure, check my tracks on record
And when it's crunch time, C Portugal's rap beneath the line
Making heads rewind the shit to show L.A. how I did it
Like MBNA, give credit when I come wit' it
I applicate, raise your interest rate, way past great
I late-night mix tapes and shows, got beats and flows
Just good old L.A. music for bros and hos
[All:] Just good old L.A. music for bros and hos (x4)

[Double K:] (Yo… word, check it… it's like that, the P, uh… yo, what happened to the good old days?… 1992…)
Yo, I sway back and forth like a reggae song
Chop breeze division I see through like dunce crews
When you walking, talking scary, get the fuck out of Dodge
I'm on a mission that I complete, it won't be for a minute
And your party ain't starting until the P run up in it
With a case and a crate of some of that Old School
To get the OG's on the wall get up and act the fool
I'm the rapper, dapping, snapping at the fucking moment
And everybody disagreeing? It's duck season!
Tuck your chest in and be safe, otherwise I erase your whole existence
From this hip-hop business, yo, I'm only in this
To start shit and drink beer, catch some ducats in my pocket
Grab the microphone and rock it like Herbie in 'Eight-Tray, or NASA
The word wizard always kicking straight out of L.A.
Two twenty-four to be exact… ([Scratched sample:] Where that at?)
The Westside of where you at, we lay low in the back
Like your family dog ([Spoken sample:] How's that?)
We just kicking it, laughing at you sucka niggas sounding ridiculous
JazMak, Thes One, and the K got your attention, cooking up exotic shit
Nigga, stay up out the… … and you know…

[Spoken sample:] Now, continue leaning forward until the top of the head is resting on the floor. This is done by raising the back. Let the hands rest where they were… inhale and exhale slowly, and hold it as long as it is comfortable…

Inhale… exhale… (x4)

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