Eat Street

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] W- We- We should rap about things that we like… like food!... You like food don't you?... We're Fat Boys who like food!... Yeah!... You like food don't you?... Yeah!... You wit' it?

[Thes One:]
I might call your spot "pumpin'" if you got crushed ice
In a Styrofoam cup with the refill rights
So, homie, no time to chill, we got places to try
I gotta find some grilled onions and a large side of fries
Some guys are mad smart, some guys are tough dudes
But me and my homies, we mostly care about food
Got spots to peruse and never choosing McDonalds
I'm talking Al's Cheesesteaks, Dino's, and Chanos
Tomy's on Pico, High Life in Pasadena, man, and Lucky Boy, too
And I can't forget Arena, Wilson Burger by PCH and Hawthorne
And right around the corner is Y Not, it's awesome
Melrose got Astro's and that's that
I only mess with Fatburger if your fries are fat
Now, Whittier got Ruby's, they're renowned for their shakes
It's like the Claim Jumper, piling up the food on your plate
Wait, now better yet, let me tell you 'bout that Busy Bee
You get the Belly Buster, the chicken, or the Pastrami
Tommy's on the late night, Eat Well for breakfast
And Fritto Misto with my lady, gnocchi's the best dish
Shout to Papadakis, Lighthouse, and the Waffle House
Fantastic Café and Pronto's, they rule the south
Word to your mouth until the next Phillipe's
Yo, I'm out on the streets, looking for something to eat like…

[Both:] Fri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ies (repeated)
[Spaulding Smails sample:] I want a hamburger… cheeseburger… hot dog… milkshake…
[Spoken sample:] It's dinnertime, fool!
[Spoken sample:] Can I get something to eat?
[Spoken sample:] You ready to order?
[Spoken sample:] I think I'll have a hamburger…
[Prince Markie Dee sample:] That's def, and you know it!
[Prince Markie Dee sample:] You like food, don't you?
[Buff Love sample:] Yeah, but…
[Prince Markie Dee sample:] "Yeah, but" nothing! We're Fat Boys who like food!

[Double K:]
When I'm chilling, I'd rather be grilling
Give me a plate of the flavor and Mike starts illing
Now, if I ain't squeezing lemon on a roast chicken
I'm jumping on the road like the fast-food villain
Burgers I be killing, tomatoes and all
I be cooling in the food court of your favorite mall
Buying brunch like it was weight, throw it in the back of the trunk
I'm off to Tom's #2 to get me some lunch
10 beef tacos, señor, extra cheese
And them chips that you got at the store, look-ey here:
Now, I just passed Oki Dog, I'm headed towards Lucy's
Passed the Roscoe's, they can keep them waffles
In the distance, I see a place they call El Rey
Home of the Garbage Burrito, and if not, then hit Benito's
Taquitos for days and a big bag of Lay's
Wash it down with a soft drink… hmmm… let me think
I'll head down west to the A-1 Burger
Where the French fries are fresh and you might get murdered
Or what about Johnnie's, pastramis and shakes
Or you could hit Chabelita's for the midnight break
After the club, spend a dub, and you can feed your crew
On any given day, this is what I might do:
Go place a order…
[Prince Markie Dee sample:] Yeah!
[Double K:] Then wait…
[Prince Markie Dee sample:] That's def!
[Double K:] Pick it up, uh huh… [beatboxes]
[Prince Markie Dee sample:] That's def, and you know it!

[Both:] Fri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ies (repeated)
[Spoken sample:] Man, gimme a half a hot dog, man!
[Spoken sample:] No!
[Spoken sample:] Gimme my half a hot dog!
[Spoken sample:] No!
[Spoken sample:] Can I get something to eat?
[Spoken sample:] No!
[Spaulding Smails sample:] I want a hot dog… hamburger… milkshake… milkshake…
[Prince Markie Dee sample:] You're fat, we're all fat!... You buggin'! That's def, and you know it!

[Spoken sample:] Eat, eat, eat… (repeated)
[Thes One:] Yeah, yeah, uh huh ha…
Honey, let me tell you 'bout my only vice
It's gots ta' do with lotsa chewing, and it ain't nothing nice…

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