Stepfather Section Introduction

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Blewfoot:] Yeah, my nigga, Double K.
[Double K:] A little fuckin' KRS-One shit.
[Blewfoot:] Yeah, so we do that shit, you know what I'm sayin'? Fuck this, you know what? Just gonna do it like that, then put them fours on the…)

[Double K:] 1, 2, 3, 4, FIVE in your face, which was the Stepfather LP that we made, man…
[Thes One:] 2006…
[Double K:] 2006. One thing I wanna say is: that album was probably the hardest album to make because both of us was, like, "yo, we gotta come way on the left on these dudes. We gotta stop doing the same thing because everybody was expecting the same thing from us."
[Thes One:] Right.
[Double K:] "Where's your jazz loops? Where's your break beats?"
[Thes One:] Nah.
[Double K:] We don't need all that to make music. Dig.
[Thes One:] Right.
[Double K:] Who was the feature that we had on that album?
[Thes One:] None other than George Clinton. "G Clinton", as he's credited on the album. All thanks to my man, honorary member of the Funk Mob, the US… shouldn't say "honorary"…
[Double K:] The US….
[Thes One:] Offical member of the US Funk Mob, Double K. And you know what the other thing about that is? That Blewfoot and everyone was down… here's the thing about Stepfather. The fans that we had that were down with The Next Step, a-and even "O.S.T."… they were gone! They were a rap. These are a lot of dudes who say…
[Double K:] Yeah, these dudes had kids!
[Thes One:] "I'm done with hip hop!" They had kids. They were, like, "We're done." And wh-and when we came back with Stepfather, it was like… the new… the Stepchildren… the new… the new…
[Double K:] Yeah…
[Thes One:] And we reintroduced ourselves with the newest and we came with the L.A.
[Double K:] I know for… I know, we named the album "Stepfather" because, you know, it's like… Any kids out there watching this, any grown men who had a stepfather… you didn't listen to that dude. And we're the guys that you don't listen to. You like your father! And we're not your father. We're your Stepfather!
[Thes One:] Right.
[Double K:] So we made that, you know what I'm sayin'?
[Thes One:] Yeah, like, the subtitle of the whole album was…
[Double K:] Word.
[Thes One:] It was an inside joke, it was… the album title…
[Double K:] Every thing was an inside joke with us.
[Thes One:] The album title was "Stepfather: We're Trying But The Kids Won't Listen."

[Thes One:] Did a little song, a little album, a little something called… yo…
[Double K:] You are going down in history with us right now! It's Stepfather!
[Thes One:] Isaiah, come out here, man.
[Double K:] This is my little brother right here, y'all! This the future, right here.
[Thes One:] Yo, you know how old he was when we made The Next Step? That big, brotha!
[Double K:] You was that little, man.
[Thes One:] You was that big.
[Double K:] That's the little homie right here.

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