"O.S.T." Section Introduction

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Blewfoot:] I'm writing this shit down.
[Thes One:] You know what? That's tight! That's tight. That's tight. Give me a domino and a ten. And a ten.)
[Double K:] Check this out. So after the second album, and our first time going on tour, and traveling the world, we came home and we made our third album, which was…
[Thes One:] We came home kinda heated, man. Oh, my bad.
[Double K:] We made… nah, nah, nah, nah… nah, nah… "Original Soundtrack", that was the THIRD!
[Thes One:] "O.S.T."
[Double K:] And my favorite, if I must say…
[Thes One:] Hoooooooooo, you go…
[Double K:] People Under The Stairs album, right there, y'all. You know, we was… we was fired up. We seen the world. We saw what these suckas in L.A. was doin' and what they wasn't doin', and we got on that album, we did… yo, you know what? We ruffled some feathers too.
[Thes One:] Yup.
[Double K:] We got some emails, and people bein' upset, and niggas lookin' at me on the street, and callin' him on the phone. Well, guess what? We still here, and I don't see none of them.
[Thes One:] They're gone!
[Double K:] "O.S.T.", "O.S.T." did it.
[Both:] "O.S.T."
[Thes One:] Nail in your coffin…
[Double K:] Yo, we had "Acid Raindrops" on that album
[Thes One:] Yeah, we had "Montego Slay"
[Double K:] We had "Montego Slay". We had the "Droopy Droop", which is "Jappy Jap". We had, uh…
[Thes One:] It was basically a giant nail in the… the… you know…
[Double K:] Yeah… "Empty Bottles Of Water"… yo, we had a lot of stuff on there, and uh… that's a lot of people's favorite, right there, so we can't be mad at that.
[Thes One:] "Hang Loose"!
[Double K:] "Hang Loose" is on there.
[Thes One:] Bang loose…
[Double K:] We can't be mad at that. Some people pick that album over every other album we made, and you know, if you… we made it, so there it is. That's the people's choice, that's the people's choice: "O.S.T.".

[Thes One:] Hold up.
[Double K:] Where we at, man?
[Thes One:] Los Angeles, California? Two… two thousand and two… how many of y'all bought "O.S.T."?

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