The Next Step Section Introduction

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] Tonight, only… it's fucking ten years of music, tonight… and we are gonna start with our first album, The Next Step.

([Blewfoot:] C'mon, now… c'mon, hucklebuck! Hucklebuck, haha!)
[Thes One:] There it is, album number one, man. People Under The Stairs, The Next Step. I think it was… what? 1998?
[Double K:] It started in 1996.
[Thes One:] Damn!
[Double K:] I mean, we met in '95, and really got working on music in 1996. This album had… "San Francisco Knights" on it..
[Thes One:] "San Francisco Knights" on it… yup.
[Double K:] Yeahhhh. That was The Next Step. If you ain't got it, go get it!
[Thes One:] We made that beat in like…'95, '96 or something like that.
[Double K:] I had a job when you made that beat.
[Thes One:] He did. He worked at Boston Market, and I, uh, uh… I…
[Double K:] And the African Marketplace… in L.A.
[Thes One:] And the African Marketplace, and I was delivering food downtown, and I used to bring chicken over, after work…
[Double K:] Yup.
[Thes One:] And eat the chicken on my hood, in Crescent Heights on Horner and Alvira.
[Double K:] Dude had a Jeep that smelled like chicken.
[Thes One:] I had a Jeep that smelled like chi- it had some blue doors! Remember that? It had some neon… I had a black Jeep with neon blue doors 'cause I couldn't afford the black doors. You know… whatever… that's '98, man.
[Double K:] Word. The Next Step.

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