10 Year Anniversary DVD Introduction

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Thanks, man. Hey, man, how the fuck I get outta here?
[Blewfoot:] So, how much are we gettin'?
[Thes One:] We gonna play a full game!
[Blewfoot:] We gonna play a full game?
[Thes One:] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…
[Double K:] We nine-ing? We nine-ing?
[Blewfoot:] Yeah, nine-ing.
[Thes One:] Oh, my god! This is gonna be… This is gonna be fuckin'…
[Double K:] Hey, baby! Hey, baby! You done with that… Pass me that thing there…
[Blewfoot:] We're nine-ing! We're nine-ing! We're nine-ing! Alright, thank you, man!
[Thes One:] Dominoes…
[Blewfoot:] Yeah, I'm drinking some ginger ale, man.
[Conversation fades in and out]
[Double K:] …Crystal coffee…
[Thes One:] …You can take this…
[Double K:] …Whether you can get it or not…
[Blewfoot:] Slam that domino, man…
[Double K:] The old drama domino game. You slam that again? That's dope.
[Blewfoot:] I'm gonna give you a note for that…
[Double K:] We need to keep this guy around…
[Conversation fades]

*Important Note: These transcriptions are not verified with P.U.T.S., so there may be errors. We are especially unsure of the greyed-out text. We encourage you to offer your suggestions for lyrics corrections on the site's main page.


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