Dub Independents (unofficial title)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] Y'all got me in a bad mood, man.
[Shawn Jackson:] Aww, shit, what's good wit' it, man?
[Sung sample:] Today!
[Shawn Jackson:] Why don't you do it, man?
[Double K:] Lord Chiefnuts!
[Thes One:] I-I gotta get this off my chest. See, there's a lot that you don't know…
[Shawn Jackson:] Let 'em know!
[Thes One:] …as a music fan, as the consumer out there.
[Double K:] BO!
[Thes One:] There's a lot behind the scenes that you don't know.
[Shawn Jackson:] Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
[Sung sample:] I said today!
[Double K:] I'll let the little person rap!
[Thes One:] I'm pulling the curtain back from the wizard…
[Shawn Jackson:] Yeah, get 'em!
[Thes One:] Check this out…
[Shawn Jackson:] You got it, Thes, get 'em!

[Thes One:] ([Sung sample:] Today!)
Today, I lay it on the line, set the record straight
Eye-level, Fourth Amendment, I don't care if labels hate ([Double K:] Uh!)
You see it's two thousand e-eight, the industry's a sham
And I ain't gonna play a game, just so y'all can steal some grams (Uh!)
I do it for the fans, the legacy of rap
For the tears that was shed, for the children who got capped
For every MC that never had a chance or got a break
Pushing on the glass ceiling, I can feel the fucker break
[Sung sample:] I know when I'll reach, I will write you, yeah!
[Thes One:] Industry glass ceiling
I can feel the motherfucker starting to crack
Saying selling the crack is a prerequisite to rap
Now, I've sat across the table, and I've seen the press files
Where they make up back-stories of moving weight to Ohio
([Double K:] Say it! Say it! Say it! Say it!)
And the magazines… the magazines, man, they buy it
Putting fake facts on the racks so that you'll buy it
What it all boils down to, in case you never knew it
The whole music industry thinks you're fuckin' stupid
You are just a dollar sign, marketing demographic
The effect on the art form of rap has been tragic
And I speak in first-hand 'cause I've seen an old man
Tell a young up-and-comer with the mic inside his hand
What to say so they'll play his new song on TRL
Dre puttin' Rakim on hold, his lyrics wouldn't sell
But I have fiend, I mean, behind the scenes
The puppeteers, they think they're winning
They ignore the People Under The Stairs, a new beginning
Anti-industry, Fun DMC, September 30, we bring the party
It's Double K and me, independently, we work the angle like my angel
([Sung sample:] My angel, babe
[Double K:] Ease up, Thes One!)
[Thes One:] My angel, Michael Turner
Christopher, the second comforter
People Under The Stairs, Fun DMC with the murder (Ha!)
Ten-year anniversary and never had a tour bus
Roll up to the venue in a Chevy, it's just us (Ha!)
We took ourselves on 21 world tours for the fans
'Cause they bought 100,000+ units and demand
A little more in the stores, but you still don't see no features
'Cause we can't afford to advertise, and they don't know the readers (Fun DMC!)
Need to know that we know there's a war goin' on
For your dollars and your thoughts, motherfuck a CEO
I ain't helping them buy no yachts (Ha!), I don't make it rain
1999, no one was feeling us, we jumped up on a plane
Traveled Europe on a train, doing shows alone and sweatin'
From the gear we had to carry…
Three years later, we was playing Glastonbury
Essentials, Redding, Leeds, came and rocked Field Day
Festivals around the world, and now you say
"Well, they never played the festivals here!"
It's because they never asked and we was busy drinkin' beer
Makin' rap music, funky rhythms and rhymes
Fun DMC for ten years, we ain't changing for the times
We're making rap music…
Fuck the "Four Elements", fuck the slogans
Yo, fuck a street cred, fuck the fancy press posing
Fuck Clear Channel, Universal, Warner Brothers, Capitol
We jumpin' in the rental, take this shit national
We faithful, we stay independent and true to it
Whatever music that you like, stay true to it
'Nuff respect to big picture on September 30
Raise up your middle finger when you buy Fun DMC! (Fun DMC!)
A small step, but we taking shit back
We keep a torch alive for that independent rap
Just a small step, but we take some shit back
We keep the torch alive, it's that independent rap music

[Comel:](Yo, yo, chill!) Yo, yo, Thes, y-
(Yo, yo, chill!) What you cleaning your guns for, man.
(Chill out! Chill out!) Yo, it ain't worth it, you got a family!
(Slow down, man.)
[Double K:] Yo, Fun DMC, September 30th
[Comel:] Just keep it-keep it- keep it in the studio, man.
[Jaysonic:] Yo, man, fuck this, man. Let's throw on some danceable shit, man.
[Comel:] Keep it in the studio. Play that record, man. Calm down! Put the guns away!
[Jaysonic:] Depressing me!

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