Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Man #1:] Well, the communication that I was having with ABC, man, wasn't nothing but by phone, man, like, they called, like…
[Man #2:] That old saying: "out of sight, out of mind"

[Thes One:]
Ay-yo, FYI, this is DYI, until I'm DOA, and my RIP say:
"BFD, this SOB, he's SOL, and that's G2G
Sorry, he'll be missed, and the fans'll be pissed, but Chris left behind
Like, 99 Zip disks, the Dead Sea Scrolls on the MPC
VIP from a UFO, he'll KIT" To the PUTS, dropping mad UPCs
All MCs freeze when they check their YTDs on SoundScan
I clown man, IHTFP, y'all dudes treating rap like an RPG
Like WWE, it's Double and me the controller stay rumbling
Like a fucking PS3, yo, the P blowing up, it's TBD, but I am on my flow
It's so FOB, Doug E. Fresh, OMG ([Spoken sample:] Oh, my God!)
These dudes' MP3's are awful, that's coming from a ROFLcopter
The D-R, the doctor, getting pissed, you're like Detox, you don't exist
Just an Internet alias getting dissed over PM in the p.m.
When I see 'em, I free 'em from the motherfucking hat
That's cute, play 'em off, Keyboard Cat (like…)

[Spoken sample:] Shit! I'm dying in this fucking, country-ass, fucked-up town! The fuck! I can't see, pollen, I… Let's get the fuck out this country motherfucker…

[Double K:] (Shhhh…)
B-T-dub, see me bailing in the clubhouse
LOLing, as I show 'em what I'm about
Envelopes with a glass needing a re-fill
They call me "ET," so they checking my ID
Repping that PST, go and check "O.S.T." Remember me? It's MLK-K
And do it like OJ in Brentwood, fucking up a BLT, that shit's damn good
Better CYA before you DOA from the words I display
We don't play, we too PC, MYOB, ASAP, the P were doing it BCE
Go look it up, bro, but don't get shook up, though
Fuck around and have a BM, so KIM, end up like T.I., caught up by the PI
So we fly, under the radar, while you rap FEAR, DTRT like Mookie
When I'm done, BYOB, and I BMOG
It's a rhyming illusion, here's the conclusion (boy!):
Don't quote me on this! (Don't quote me!)
([Rap sample:] Don't quote me boy, 'cause I ain't said shit…)

DQMOT, DQMOT, DQMOT, don't quote me, boy, don't quote me, boy
([Rap sample:] Don't quote me boy, 'cause I ain't said shit…)
DQMOT, DQMOT, DQMOT, don't quote me, boy, don't quote me, boy
([Rap sample:] Don't quote me boy, 'cause I ain't said shit…)

([Rap sample:] Don't quote me boy, 'cause I ain't said shit…) (scratched and repeated)

[Spoken sample:] (Yeah?) That sounds hip-hop… that's hip… well, that's far out, man (Aw, yeah?)… And for both of us, it gets a little weird (Aw yeah?)… it gets a little strange…

[Spoken sample:] Did you see that? Wow. That's what I call a great move. Let's get it right off the ground, we don't even wanna set nothing, just start from right off the bat, let's get it with "Hurt So Bad"

[Sung sample:] Ho!

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