Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] Você quer viver ou quer ver a vida passar? Vai meu! Se mexe! Levanta do sofá! Vai para a rua! ? Do it! Go!

[Thes One:]
I gotta let you know I'm good, I got my music, my health
My family backin' me, puttin' records on your shelf
They say time's tough, money bad, and crime's up
But we're living, so let's live it up with little victories and love
Like good grub, cold beer, you see the season's change?
My homeboy's getting married, he just told me they're engaged
Word? On the third, July, I'm only supposed to survive
That's all we can do, is try to have fun 'til we arrive
End of the line, friend of mine, anytime, my brother
Thanksgiving dinner, cooking turkey for your mother
See, the kids love Gabba, everybody loves the Biz
Now, we all up in together, man, that's just how it is
So here's a toast: long live the West Coast!
May you have a laugh, may you love your life the most
May your peoples be close when you need 'em, that's all there is
So cheers, take a swig, bro, one more hour lived
So I'm looking out the window at the promise of the unknown
([Spoken sample:] Got to do it, man.) Let's get up out the comfort zone
With the…

[Sung sample:] ?

[Double K:]
Layin' in the cut, turning up the P Funk
Musical madness burning up my fingers, so I pass this
Homies all laughing, we kicking that flavor
You keep the D Minor, we on that P Major
Let the negative go, we fit it to a "T"
Got a call from my homie Blewfoot, he's a G
Talkin' 'bout hawking out the ones in sundresses
Playing some 45s, rapping 'bout life's lessons
Man, it's all incredible, burn up the good medical
And let it go into the atmosphere, we clear
Keep the vibes on point, like needles to the groove
Watch the kids playing in the street, it's all smooth
No fighting, no fussing, no carrying on
Just dancing to the rhythms 'til the sun is gone
So put your phone down for a minute and chill
Just screw it, put on your sunglasses and DEWRIT!

[Man #1:] Alright, man, we gon' do it, we gon' do it, we gon' DEWRIT!

[Sung sample:] ?

[Man #1:] We gotta dewrit, we gotta do!!

[Blewfoot:] Yeah, but uh… wow! You know? Alright then, man. You skateboard, man. Hey, how come you…man… hey, watch out, watch out! I put you had many more of them birthdays, man, you know? Yo, yeah… time is, man… time is so short these days, yeah…
[Man #2:] Yeah, hold on to the motherfuckin' memories and shit, man. I done lost a bunch of brain cells. If you see 'em, hold on to the motherfuckers…
[Blewfoot:] I put 'em in my back pocket. They're alright…

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