DBC Let The Music Play (Thes One Remix) (Stetsasonic)

Written by: C. Portugal, P. Huston, G. Bolton, L. Roman, A. Hamilton, M. Nemley, M. Wright, & B. Simmons

Well, what you do, hey, that's your business
Well, this beat is so tremendous
I advise you make a move
Get on the dance floor, show and prove
That music is the answer, and I'm serious as cancer
When I'm on stage, I turn around
To DBC, he breaks it down
Hot-ass sound, live and proud
Kick up the volume, play it loud
Bring out the sun, remove the clouds
And our intent is to please the crowd
So that you can get wid it 'cause we just did it
Created a song with no bullshit in it
A hip hop band and not a cabaret
DBC, let the music play!
[Spoken sample:] Okay!

[Spoken sample:] We're excited to…

Besides being supreme, there's just one thing
That I would like to say
I found a way to B when I am C
And DB lets the music play
Rockin' radio stations with obligations
That is the baddest in creation
The nine awards making you applaud
Or/for, either/or, we got rhymes galore
Giving you critics a chance to get wid it
To hop on now… you miss out, then forget it!
Rockin' to the beat that is so def
The tone is our bone and outrocks the rest
The act is so simple, so get involved
I'm telling y'all, while the jam revolves
My style is packed, bass on travel to rasters
Your into a style that you just can't master
[Spoken sample:] Okay!

[Spoken sample:] We're excited to…

[Thes One:]
Fuck all that new style, it's chopped up like woodpile
Hip hop got a new pops, but I'm still a stepchild
Remixing classics, you're rolling with cat shit
I'm blind at birth, tip to fuck with your nerd shit
That whole style is played out, like rockin' an airbrush
Eatin' at Taco Bell and drinkin' a Grape Crush
Shoppin' at DJs, your bow is from Oaktree
Playing some Paperboy and rockin' some Oakleys
Just get on the dance floor, and do what you gotta do
Shit, take a chance, and pick up a hottie too
Let Uncle Thes rhyme, your rollin' with Stet now
This is a tribute and never forget how
The hip hop band, rocking shows and taking loot
Making me wanna buy another white jumpsuit
The hypest of all time, all night and every day
DBC, let the music play!

[Spoken sample:] We're excited to…

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