Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:]
Yo, everyday, I wake up, man, it's the same routine
Mom's talking that shit on how she want her house clean
Gotta live with that (damn!), plus I'm stressing
My job done fucked me over, some say, "K, this is a lesson of life"
Yeah right, yo, I ain't wit' it, why me?
Every day, I'm subject to this black cloud that won't leave
And it's raining hard as fuck, no such as an umbrella
Coming down non-stop, yo, I figure I could sell
A couple rocks on the block, but yo, that ain't the G
So now I'm figuring out ways to try and make ends meet
Flip a hustle here and there, but that shit won't last
The situation gets thicker, shit starts moving fast
But, like, I want to give up, and act the straight-up fool
Yo, that's no kind of solution, I shoulda kept my ass in school
But I had no support which gave me room to kick back
No sort of college on my mind, so now, I seen that shit's wack
Never thought I would say it, but damn, I shoulda listened
It's a gang of shit in life that Mister Double K's missing
Can't trust nobody, so I stay low-key
Chain-smoke reefer blunts and put it down for the P
But yo, I'm damn near twenty-one and need something better
'Cause things is getting hot like Bill Cosby's knit sweater
And I'll do what I gotta do just to survive
Can't let it get me down, G, just keep a positive state of mind
Can't dwell on the past, just watch my behind
And know that, one day, everything'll be fine

[Thes One:]
I find I go home once in a while to wish my mother the best
And realize the physical effects of stress
Mom gets a rest in haste, I request
But the best in this rap race get wrinkles in the face
"Paper chase" some call it, my homie, I can't call it, I can't catch it
I keep my memories on lock and key
I unlatch it in a rhyme state, and Band-Aid my mind
With late-night memories of pre-1988
Strange, 'cause I can't cope with change
And I hate the fact there's no turning back
In fact, I say, "It's all good"
When some of my friends fade, they couldn't handle adulthood
And all should acknowledge hindsight is 20/20
Funny: now, I'm 20, and too concerned with money
And could you blame me? I wake up every day afraid and alone
In the grand scheme of things, where dreams are elusive
Negativity surrounds me, and builds brick barricades
And that's not conducive to life
'Cause me and Double K got natural rights to be happy and be free
And that's not too much to ask, so back the fuck away from me
And let me move forward in peace… 'cause, money, 'cause…
Only time can stop me, and time I release…

[Consituent:] Yeah, well like… It's like… It's like, it gets down to a thing of a slow death, uh, instead of, like… uh, uh, an instant, outright… you know, like, I'll continue along in the slow process of getting annihilated as a people, you know, instead of going on out and dealing with, uh, confrontation, uh, for whatever ends it may bring…
[Mayor:] I can understand you're feeling like this. There's an awfully disturbing number of young people, black people, other minority group people, who have that same feeling that you have… that's what's dangerous…

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