Dance Freak (Remix) (feat. Time Machine) (unofficial title)

Written by: Eric Latham, Jayson Sonico, Jay Gatsby, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Comel:] Aite? You goin'?)

[Time Machine:] It's the T-I-M-E
[Jaysonic:] You semi
[Comel:] We fully
[Jaysonic:] We heavy
[Comel:] We bullies
[Time Machine:] We beat you down ugly
[Comel:] It's a party
[Jaysonic:] We stompin' in our big black boots
Yo, it's a matter of time
[Comel:] You're asking when will they shoot?
[Jaysonic:] This year, everybody's talking politics
[Comel:] Not me, I'm walking strong with some brawlin' shit
[Jaysonic:] I got shoes
[Comel:] Pay your dues
[Jaysonic:] Go 'head and polish it
[Comel:] So I'll look sharp when I step up and demolish it
[Jaysonic:] I got a chip on my shoulder, goin' nowhere soon
[Comel:] Don't step to me like "Are y'all performin' on the moon?"
[Jaysonic:] We got a new album, just came out in June
[Time Machine:] You didn't buy that shit?
[Jaysonic:] You're a fuckin' buffoon!
[Comel:] Caricature of yourself, as a matter of fact
[Jaysonic:] Play the same five albums goin' ten years back
[Comel:] But today, we here to celebrate Fun DMC
[Time Machine:] PUTS!
[Jaysonic:] Best believe that's family
[Comel:] That's my Stepfather since pops hit the road
[Jaysonic:] Some real cool def shit
[Comel:] It's funk a la mode
[Jaysonic:] To make you ([Sung sample:] DANCE!)
Sweat and do it until you explode
Like your girl, yo, she ain't afraid to lose control
She just (DANCE!)
[Comel:] Up and down on that invisible pole
Not just her, but her friends too
[Sung sample:] Everybody DANCE!
[Time Machine:] Go 'head and do it, do it, do it
[Sung sample:] …with the dance freaks!
[Jaysonic:] Hop to it!
[Comel:] Stick with it!
[Jaysonic:] You only stoppin' to take a leak
[Comel:] Then get another drink
[Time Machine:] Go ahead and take the chance, just
[Sung sample:] DANCE!
[Comel:] 'Cause that's the only circumstance
Call your friends and fams, tell 'em what are they plans?
[Jaysonic:] Pack their tightest pants, holla when they plane lands
Hop in the cab, come through and just
[Sung sample:] DANCE!
[Jaysonic:] I'm not just talkin' to you, but your whole crew
Plus you and you
[Sung sample:] Everybody DANCE!
[Jaysonic:] Keep it moving 'til this place shut down
Then still keep it moving, talkin' 'bout
[Time Machine:] What now?!
[Comel:] Late night is the time the most fun is had
You actin' like a little girl, but you look so bad
[Time Machine:] Baby…
[Sung sample:] DANCE!
[Time Machine:] Watch how I act this out, start acting fly, c'mon
[Sung sample:] Everybody DANCE!
[Jaysonic:] I knew I had you at the very first glance
Just so confident, grab your hand and start it

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