Dance Freak (Remix) (feat. Time Machine) (unofficial title)

Written by: Eric Latham, Jayson Sonico, Jay Gatsby, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Comel:] Do whatever you say to dare I keep…
[Jaysonic:] Kay.
[Comel:] Yeah, okay… Break 'em out…
[Jaysonic:] Are you dragging it like that?
[Comel:] Yeah, yeah, yeah…
[Time Machine:] We might electric slide to get this party live
We might scoot and scrap 'cause it's just so rad
[Sung sample:] Everybody dance! With the dance freak!
[Time Machine:] We might psycho dance, so grab my hands
And let your feet, clock's at seven, I will spend forward paces
[Sung sample:] Everybody dance! With the dance freak!
Everybody DANCE!
[Time Machine:] …with the Time Machine! P-U-T-S!
Fun D-M-C! Come rock with me, check it out!

*Important Note: These transcriptions are not verified with P.U.T.S., so there may be errors. We are especially unsure of the greyed-out text. We encourage you to offer your suggestions for lyrics corrections on the site's main page.


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