Crazy Live

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] Motherfuckers, we're back!… Okay…

[Thes One:]
Not how it was, is, or will be, just should be
And should we still be ill, how could we not
Stop to present the hot, People Under The-
Got notes from the underground, second time around
Start wondering why being different doesn't mean better
Following trends to tease and ease with the letters "MC"
([Double K:] and knowing damn well that's not what they've been!)
"Minimum Creativity": their new pseudonym
Redefined, who gets signed and doesn't, doesn't matter
Matter of fact, packed shows, we rock shows fatter
Add a team of two ([Double K:] Making our dreams come true!)
We're just fans with the chance to rock a stance ([Double K:] for you!)
Who live, breathe, and eat beats, stewing in the streets
Staying real to self, and that vibe completes the album
On the shelf, ready to rock, Thes and Double K are through
Paid dues, so we present the Step Two…

[Double K:]
Yes, yes, a thrash walk Jeopardy Baywatch, the prime time B-Boys
Once again here to ([Rap sample:] Rock!). Hey, Chris, you got your cup?
([Thes One:] This drink is fucking me up!)
Cool, I'm feeling like you, times two, let's get rude
Sure, we got more than a single and a couple of shows
Maintaining the beat stash, and locking down on the foes
The flows: party favours, and you'd better watch out
Make way like Drano, when you see us step out
The six-deu' Pontiac, with L.A. on the hats
We representing the West Coast, leaving it at that
Ain't got no message for you, we leave that up to other dudes
Concentrate on your head, moving, getting, beating, paying dues
'Cause I ain't done, neither is my partner, right? ([Thes One:] Right)
Then hit the panic switch, let's keep 'em up all night
And all you stupid motherfuckers that be talking shit
When you see us knuckle up, well get the fuck out, punk bitch!
My posse don't go for that, uh, get back in the groove
Of the way things were, and how it should be
No biting, just giving it up and ripping it up
Eating it up, smoking it up, living it up, drinking it up
That's us, y'all, that's what we gonna do
And we gonna do it 'til there ain't nothing left to do!

[Double K:] …And we gonna do it, then we're gonna do it, and we back, y'all… Ain't no fucking half-stepping on you pussy-main ass niggas out there, man… I know Thes agrees with me, don't you? What-What'd you say brother? Come on in here.
[Thes One:] Yeah, I do. We ain't taking no shit, man.
[Double K:] We ain't gonna take no shit either.
[Thes One:] That's right, Mike.
[Double K:] For all the true P… the true P-funk fans… this one's for you!
[Thes One:] 2000, Mike, it's the new millenium!
[Double K:] It's the new millenium? Oh no!
[Thes One:] We ain't taking no shit man.
[Double K:] Man… well, let's do it.
[Thes One:] Alright, I'm ready to go… you ready to go?
[Double K:] I'm ready to go…
[Thes One:] Let's go… Let's go smoke.
[Double K:] Alright, let's go smoke.
[Thes One:] Alright, man…
[Double K:] Alright… we gonna smoke.
[Thes One:] Alright…

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